Miracle On Grey Street in Newcastle

The magic of Christmas has been long gone for me so I try to plan lots of things in December to help me get in to the festive spirit. And what better way to do that than to spend a little time in Miracle on Grey Street, in Newcastle (on Grey Street, would you believe).

miracle on grey street

Festive Pop-Up Bar in Newcastle

We planned to go here after work with the girls but it was closed for a private function, but the day after, I was back in Newcastle to go to the Christmas market, check out Stack, and shop at intu Eldon Square. It was busy af, which doesn’t help the festive levels, but our last stop was Miracle on Grey Street before heading to the train station for our return journey home.

miracle on grey street

Miracle on Grey Street is a pop-up bar where The Living Room used to be. Taking up the vacant space during the festive season, Miracle on Grey Street, I am assuming, will only be around until the end of December.

miracle on grey street

You can get an array of drinks, hot and cold, and a cocktail menu that comprises of good cocktails and “naughty cocktails” such as The Grinch Who Got Mortal, A Good Stuffing, Something For The Ho… and a few others – drinks for the festive menu start from £6.95.

miracle on grey street

During the day, families and kids are welcome – I’m not sure what the rules are for “after hours” but we went in at 3:30pm and there was people of all ages enjoying festive cocktails and hot chocolates which super nice.

miracle on grey street

Perhaps I’m being a Grinch-y arse, but I expected the bar to be full-on Christmas – I wanted to walk in and feel like an elf threw up Christmas all over the shop. The display at the front of the bar is just that. The theme, however, is diluted towards the bar area, and the second seating area is decked out with festive garland, fairy lights and a Christmas tree. It would’ve been amazing if they went all out on the decorations throughout the whole bar like they did with the special display at the front is great though.

Still, the drinks were nice, it was a nice way to start the festive period and I’m sure I’ll visit again if it’s back next Christmas!

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