Gifts For Him: The Classics

The men in my life are always cold. The men in my life don’t wrap up. The men in my life will all get a set of winter woolies for Christmas. That’s a little poem I made up to express how annoying it is to hear my dad/boyf/friends witter on me earhole about how cold it is when all they wear is a jacket that they think has magical heating powers. Wear a scarf, at the very least.

The classic winter accessories make the perfect gifts for him this Christmas. Winter woolies are an essential for everyone who lives in the UK – but it always surprises me when someone doesn’t own a pair of gloves or even a scarf. Like, how have you survived?! But that’s coming from someone who wears a blanket as a scarf and keeps a hot water in my handbag… I’ve got a tidy collection of thermals too.

So, I’ve been seeing James since March and the first time we met up properly, it was when we had all that snow. Both our trains had cancelled so as we couldn’t get to work, we thought we’d spend the day together. I swear, it was like, minus 14!). He rocked up wearing ripped skinny jeans with a t-shirt and leather jacket. I thought, mate your hands are purple, where are your gloves, hun??

This year, as well as his main gift (which is under wraps incase he reads this…) I’ll also be gifting him some classic staples he doesn’t already own to prepare him for Winter (Sarah style) and I have just the items to get his Winter collection started.

Totes slippers, £28

A cosy pair of slippers make a bloody good Christmas gift! Totes is an obvious choice for me, I’ve gone through a few pairs myself and know how great the quality is for the price point.

There are lots of different designs to choose from, but I particular love the moccasins (as I’m sure James will too!). The inside of the slippers are lined with soft fleece, and the outer part is made with genuine Harris Tweed. A nice pair of slippers to slip on when he takes the bins out for me…

Totes travel cup and non-slip gloves, £16

Going back from when we met up for the first time, he will now have gloves to keep his purple hands from dropping off this Winter. And it just so happens that this gift set also comes with a really cute travel cup.

The gloves are great as they’re smarTouch which works with touchscreen devices (I need to invest in a pair of them for myself!) and it’s also got non-slip grip on the palms too… which is great if you’re using the gloves with the travel cup, you can get a grip of it when using it on commutes. Totes have thought this through, haven’t they!

Totes wallet, £16

James doesn’t own a wallet and actually, I can’t judge because I don’t use one either. I either lose them or they get too bulky (with coppers, not notes, unfortunately) so I tend to just use my card holder or simply pay for things using Apple Pay on my iPhone.

With the new pound notes being made of a flexible, plastic-y film, they seem to have a life of it’s own. They just pop out of the pocket and there’s been times when we’ve both lost money on day trips and nights out.

He can have this lovely Totes wallet (made with hand woven genuine Harris Tweed) to see how he gets on with using a wallet. If he doesn’t lose it (like I would!) then maybe we can upgrade it to a designer one…

Peper Harow socks, £16

We both used to work for a designer retailer and he probably kept them in business with the amount of socks he bought (I joke). Whilst I’m happy with a pair of Primark socks, and will never understand paying more than £5 for a pair, James is one for nice brands. He wears tailored suits every day for work so I suppose it makes sense to wear nice socks.

I’ve never heard of Peper Harow until recently but it’s nice to go for something different to the usual Paul Smith and Ted Baker. And anyway, you have to buy a pair of socks for someone (anyone) during Christmas. That’s the number one rule.

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