Quirky new bar Dr.inks in Darlington

My new favourite cocktail bar | Dr.inks in Darlington

I’m from a small, countryside town, that generally turns their nose up at the nearby town of Darlington. The grown ups hate on Darlington which then filters down to impressionable kids, but I’m glad that kind of attitude didn’t influence me when I was younger because I’ve had some of the best years and memories in good ol’ Darlo!

If some of those oldies actually got their head out of their uppity arses, they’d realise that there are a lot of great independent businesses to support. And one of those is the quirky, new cocktail bar that recently opened.

Quirky new bar Dr.inks in Darlington

The quirky cocktail bar called Dr. inks opened at the end of Summer and I heard it was small and cosy, so I decided to hang back and let the hype fade before popping in. I don’t like being squished in small, crowded places on a night out, so I gave it some time before checking it out.

We popped in for a couple of G&Ts before heading to the cinema, and honestly, I really didn’t want to leave – partly because I didn’t want to go and watch Creed 2 but also because of how festive and cosy it was at Dr.inks…

Quirky new bar Dr.inks in Darlington

The Christmas decorations were installed and there was quirky features in every corner of the restored townhouse. The word ‘delightful’ was how the bartender described it and I would agree, there isn’t a better word for it. It felt like I was in a Charles Dickens novel, except there was a bar behind me and a DJ setting up in front. We left before his set but I’ll definitely come back with girls next time to check out what vibe it is on a Saturday night.

It’s a small cocktail bar but it is a townhouse after all, so with 3 floors, 2 bars, a snug and a secret garden… I can’t think of a better way to enjoy a rhubarb gin and tonic this festive season!

Quirky new bar Dr.inks in Darlington

If you’re local to the area, visit Dr. inks on Coniscliffe Road. More information here.
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