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I normally don’t put too much effort in to preening for Summer – probably because the British Summer usually consists of 4 days of pure sunshine followed by 5 weeks of solid rain (sounds about right?).

Since we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy some lovely, sunny weather (it’s cooler up north, so it’s slightly more comfortable and I have no complaints!), I’ve felt compelled to put a summer beauty routine in to action that involves more than the four days of shaving…

bali body tanning oil

Bali Body

If you’ve been lucky enough to go on holiday this Summer and caught some rays, you probably don’t want your tan to be fading any time soon, right? Well, Bali Body Tanning Oil can help you in prolonging your sunkissed glow. Bali Body are an Australian brand so you can trust them to be experts in how to maintain your Summer tan.

Bali Body’s Tanning Oil (£18.95) doesn’t contain any self-tanner but is developed to hydrate and protect your skin, therefore prolonging the deep summer glow. Available in watermelon (as pictured), pineapple, cocoa, and natural. Can also be used to moisturise your skin instead of using body lotion, great for those who are always on-the-go as it fast-drying and quick to absorb.

tropic skincare sun products

Tropic Skincare

I love Tropic Skincare as a brand and I am obsessed with their products. Tropic Skincare products contain high quality ingredients that are naturally derived, will never test on animals, and is suitable for vegans.

Tropic is offering a 3-piece Sun Care Discovery Kit for £40, with the choice of adding a Sun Balm SPF 50 for an extra £10. The brand has a no-negotiation ban on harmful chemicals, so you can put your confidence in Tropic that their sun care range are both gentle on your skin and the planet.

The kit includes: Skin Shade Mineral Sun Protection SPF 30 and SPF 50, Sun Soothe Cooling Aftersun Lotion, and for £10 extra, a pot of Sun Balm SPF 50 which is great for traveling. The balm works in the same way as the lotion but perhaps reserve it’s use for sensitive areas that need extra attention such as the nose, cheeks and ears.

molton brown delicious rhubarb and rose

Molton Brown

Molton Brown is such a treat, I love having a duo body set in my bathroom to add a touch of luxury. Their Delicious Rhubarb & Rose is such a great scent for Summer and my mum’s trying to convince me that she needs it more than I do, even though I spotted a Fabled Juniper Berries & Lapp set in the bathroom cupboard. She’s not using it yet because it’s a Winter set and she “doesn’t want to smell like a Christmas tree in August”, proving that seasonal fragrances do make a difference to some people!

molton brown rhubarb and rose

Molton Brown’s Rhubarb & Rose is inspired by a slice of of rhubarb tart with freshly picked roses on the pantry table (preferably in Yorkshire. Where else?!)

With notes of grapefruit, yuzu, and lemon grass – it’s quite a zing. Followed by rhubarb leaf, rose, and spearmint for a fresh floral aroma. And a base note of vanilla, musk and spun sugar for a hint of sweetness.

L’Occitane’s limited edition Icy Verbena collection


If gourmand fragrances is not for you, try L’Occitane’s limited edition Icy Verbena collection. Infused with verbena and menthol for a cooling effect, this is a great collection to use to start your day.

L’Occitane’s refreshing, awakening, and invigorating Icy Verbena shower gel retails at £16.00 and the moisturising body gel is £24. Both can be popped in the fridge for an extra coolness on a humid day.

Summer Beauty Essentials


It’s advisable to use SPF all year round, especially if you’re using skincare that contains AHA, because that makes you more sensitive to the sun. I can’t get enough of SPF, it’s an important step to my morning skincare routine. Bioderma Photoderm Max Aquafluid SPF 50+ (£13.20) provides high protection, is suitable for sensitive skin, and can be used several times a day. It’s mattifying, light, dry touch finish makes it a comfortable SPF to wear under make-up too.



The third and final SPF recommendation (for now), so what’s so special about this one? This time addressing hyper pigmentation and age spots. I don’t have many skincare concerns at the moment (touch wood) but hyper pigmentation caused by sun exposure and age spots are one of them (they’re not cute like freckles!).

SVR sun cream (£24) shields the skin to prevent brown spots from appearing. It’s a thick texture, the thickest consistency out of the three SPF face creams I’ve featured in this blogpost, so you don’t need to apply much otherwise it will start to feel chalky on your skin.

There are also a few others in the SVR sun care range, one is a soothing anti-redness SPF for sensitive skin and another that’s fine, oil-free and dry touch for those who are prone to blemishes and breakouts (both £17).



After-Sun is an absolute Summer saviour. If I’ve been in the sun for too long, I get these weird blisters on my skin (even when I’ve been hiding in the shade). It’s only in extreme heat that this occurs and the blisters disappear at the end of the day but after sun helps to treat it. It’s more gentle than ice, and more refreshing than Sudocrem.

The way that the Filgora UV-Bronze After Sun Gel (£25) is designed in it’s packaging and product title gives you the impressions that it might work in a similar way to an instant tan (clever marketing people!) but it is in fact an after sun gel that calms your skin, prolong the tan, boost protection, and accelerate tanning. It doesn’t contain DHA self-tanning agent.

The gel-to-oil formula contains 4 essentials oils – argan, apricot, almonds and avocado – that nourishes the skin, so this works on the basis that you look after your skin and your tan will last longer.

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