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Hair routine is a funny one for me. I dread washing (who doesn’t?!), it takes so long each morning and it’s the unpredictability that I dislike the most.

You could spent an hour washing, blow-drying, and styling your hair but all that hard work can still result to out-of-control, frizzy, static, and unmanageable hair as soon as you step out in to the great outdoors.

And now not only do I have to worry about the style of my hair, I have all them grey hairs to try get rid off. What gives?!

percy and reed haircare hero products

Hair is such a big part of our identity and I completely appreciate that. As I only visit the hairdressers once a year (I know, that’s quite bad!), I’m aware I could do better in looking after my hair. But for now, quality hair care and a good routine will do.

Luckily, being a beauty blogger, I have a little black book of contacts that I can go turn to when I need a bit of advice. And since I’ve recently had my hair cut (about 6 inches chopped off), I did just that!

Thanks to Percy & Reed, I can finally look forward to having a ‘good hair day’ more frequently.

percy and reed hero products

Percy & Reed Really Rather Radiant Divine Shine Shampoo & Conditioner

Let’s get the most painful step of the hair care routine out of the way – washing it. Maybe I can change my attitude towards it, turning dread to excitement, especially when you use a shampoo and conditioner that makes you look great!

Choosing the right duo will make all the different. When it comes to shampoo and conditioner, it of course helps that it has lots of lovely ingredients to help your hair look great and smell nice, but the formula is the key for me. It needs to be creamy, light, lathers up, cleanses, keeps my hair clean for upto 3 days (rare occurrence) and washes out easily. I don’t ask for much, then.

I’ve often been excited to try a shampoo that claims have loads of benefits but if it’s difficult to wash out and I end up getting a build up of product (even after running it under a boiling hot shower for 15 minutes) then the likelihood of me using it again is zero.

For lack-lustre hair, Percy & Reed Really Rather Radiant Divine Shine Shampoo and Conditioner (£16 each) is formulated to give dull hair a boost in shine. What’s in it to give your hair it’s glossiness, you ask? Why, it’s raspberry oil, aloe vera, vitamin E, and pro vitamin B5, incase you’re wondering!

percy and reed hair oil for dry hair

Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Treatment Oil+

This came highly recommended by my sister but actually, I’ve used this hair oil before and I can confirm, it makes hair feel softer than ever. I apply it to dry hair (from roots to tip_ in the morning and leave it in for 5 minutes while I brush my teeth, then wash it out in my usual shampoo/conditioner routine.

It is strange to apply oil to your scalp, but trust me, it works in stimulating circulation in the scalp which helps to strengthen your hair in the long run. Healthy hair starts with healthy scalp, as Percy & Reed advises. It’s fine to massage Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Treatment Oil+ in to the roots as you’re not dowsing it but rather using 3-4 pumps of it, and also because you’ll be cleansing it with shampoo after 5 minutes anyway.

This wonder oil contains camellia oil, macadamia seed oil and carrot seed oil for it’s moisturising, strengthening and rejuvenating properties.

I mainly use it as a pre-shampoo but it can also be used on wet hair as a leave-in treatment or a finishing oil to tame flyaways.

percy and reed hero products

Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm

So, I’m sure that anyone with short hair can relate when I say that I’d spend unto an hour doing my hair in the morning (it is the most time-consuming part of my routine) and as soon as I step foot out the door… POOOOF, I’m a microphone. It doesn’t matter whether it’s rain, wind, or humidity, it has a life of it’s own.

This is where the Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm (£18) comes in handy, as it’s substantiated claim that it lasts upto 72 hours frizz-free due to it smoothing and sealing your hair. Those two magic words; Frizz control.Well, perfect, this is exactly what I need.

The leave-in primer balm is used on towel-dried hair, just before you dry and style it. It tames, protects from humidity (YES!), give you more control and manageability as well as adding moisture, shine and softness. It doesn’t weigh your hair down nor does it leave a residue.

percy and reed haircare

Percy & Reed Beyond The Beach Texture Spray

I often reach for the salt spray instead of a hair spray to finish my hair because I like the natural, tousled look. This Beyond The Beach Texture Spray (£16) gives definition to your curls/waves, or even on straight hair to  accentuates the ends of your hair (ideal if you have a choppy style).

If you have fine hair, you can use this spray when it’s dry, scrunch upwards, and twist out for effortless beachy waves.

This texture spray features finely-ground sea salt crystals (sourced from the Cornwall coast!) and pro-vitamin B5 for nourishment and protection from the elements.

Have you tried anything from Percy & Reed? I’d love to know what haircare do you use to make your morning routine as easy as possible?

*This blogpost is sponsored by Percy & Reed. However, all words, opinions, styling and photography are completely my own.

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