An Antipodes Skincare Routine For Healthy, Dewy Skin

Antipodes Skincare

An Antipodes Skincare Routine For Healthy, Dewy Skin

I always think that Antipodes is a bit of a beauty bloggers secret, because it is a brand you don’t often come across when you’re out and about shopping, but I’m sure you see New Zealand originate brand Antipodes featured on beauty blogs all the time – and they are as good as what they say, if not better! Antipodes is available on Fragrance Direct, so keep your eyes peeled for the discount deals via Groupon.

Antipodes is one of my favourite skincare brands and having had Afternoon Tea with the founder at the dreamy Rosewood Hotel in London a few months ago, I have grown to love the brand even more.

Antipodes Skincare

Even though they’re not one of those beauty brands that are constantly in-yer-face with advert after advert, Antipodes has earned a loyal following because once you’ve tried something from their range, you’ll be hooked.

In reality, Antipodes is a huge beauty brand with plenty of awards to their name. They have plans to grow, developing more skincare (and cosmetics) products and entering new markets across the globe.

Going back to the New Zealand background, Antipodes only sources the finest and purest ingredients from nature without compromising the environment. They’re a brand that cares about nature, sustainability, and being energy-efficient. You’ll find a range of certified organic and natural skincare amongst plenty that are suitable for vegans. Even their outer cardboard packaging are made from 100% biodegradable cardboard sourced from sustainable forests and is printed with 100% vegetable ink.

Antipodes is one of the best skincare brands. Here’s quick guide to the best Antipodes products, including their NEW Halo Skin-Brightening Mud Mask

Antipodes Skincare

Antipodes Juliet Skin-Brightening Gel Cleanser

Usually, I would always go for a cream cleanser but I find that a gel is much more suited to my skin during the Summer as a troubleshooter to reduce oily skin. I have to be careful which gel cleanser I use as it can leave my skin too dry, but there are a few out there that does wonders for my skin, and Antipodes Juliet Skin-Brightening Gel Cleanser (£24) is one of them. It just so happens that it’s formulated to control the balance of oil production in your skin. It lathers up perfectly without drying or stripping.

The gentle formula includes the following bioactive ingredients: The famous New Zealand kiwi for it’s exfoliation properties, Manuka honey for anti-bacterial, and vinanza grape which is the ingredient that helps reduce oil for a more balanced complexion. This gel cleanser is suitable for normal to oily skin type.


Antipodes Resurrect Clarifying Facial Toner

Always follow a cleanser with toner to tighten and shrink the pores. I never used to bother with toner because I couldn’t find one that made a difference. I also didn’t understand the point of it… until I noticed my pores getting larger and I panicked! I’ve been experimenting with loads in the past few years and I make sure I use a toner after a cleanser – religiously.

Antipodes Resurrect Clatifying Facial Toner (£23) is developed to reduce the size of your pores. It de-stresses skin and boost hydration with it’s gentle blend of sweet sage, lavender and chamomile.

This can be spritzed directly on to your skin after cleansing, and also can be used throughout the day to refreshen.


Antipodes Immortal Natural Sun Protection Face/Body Moisturiser

It’s difficult to create a natural spf but Antipodes have managed it with their Immortal Natural Sun Protection SPF 15 (£28.99). Now, it only offers SPF 15 and as SPF creams go, this texture of this one is just like a regular face cream (which is obviously a good thing!) and it provides suffice protection from UVA and UVB for a regular Summer’s day in the UK. Increase the factor for hotter climates.

I’s worth searching for the perfect SPF face cream, always protect your skin all year round to prevent premature ageing, hyperpigmentation, redness and of course, UV damage.

Immortal Natural Sun SPF 15 contains no synthetic chemicals and features natural raspberry seed oil, vinanza grape, kiwi, Reishi mushroom, and a plant-based hyaluronic acid. It is suitable for the face and body, and can be used by those with sensitive skin.

Antipodes Skincare

Antipodes Manuka Honey Skin-Brightening Eye Cream

This is my second jar of this lovely eye cream! I started using eye creams when I was around 27, I started off by using it on and off, but I’ve gradually incorporated it in to my skincare routine permanently.

I have been using various eye creams for 6 years now and I’m glad I did because I see no crows feet yet! I mean, I’m only in my early 30s but I still get ID’d when I’m out, it must be these ol’ youthful eyes!

If you’re looking for a high quality eye cream for a reasonable price (and good eye creams do tend to come with a expensive price tag!) then do try one of the Antipodes eye cream. For dry, tired eyes, go for Manuka Honey Skin-Brightening Eye Cream (£24.99). It’s anti-inflammatory, super hydrating formula helps to de-puff the eye contour area.


Antipodes Halo Skin-Brightening Facial Mud Mask

The most recent launch, Antipodes Halo Mud Mask (£26.99) is their first certified vegan product. It’s a mud mask formula as the product name suggest, and it’s rich formula features avocado oil, volcanic mud, and Antipodes signature duo – grape and kiwi!

Unlike a lot of mud masks, this smells fruity as it’s fragranced with vanilla pod and raspberry. It’s creamy, light, detoxing, and purifying. It tightens in the right areas and it absorbs oil to leave your skin feeling clean and fresh. I’m coming to the end of this pot and it’s one of the few masks I’ve been able to finish before the expiry date! I can’t wait to repurchase, I love using it at the end of the week to rejuvenate my skin and bring it back to life!

Antipodes Skincare

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  1. 12th August 2018 / 3:35 pm

    I didn’t get on with Antipodes to be honest the mask is pretty misleading it says all the effects are down to the grape and kiwi but when you look at the ingredients the vinanza grape the supposide key ingredient is one of the last ingredients on the list and then you have things like vit c and other brighteners near the top of the list it seemed very greenwashing to me

    • 16th August 2018 / 11:36 pm

      Thanks for your comments Andrew. The Halo skin-brightening facial mud mask is not only a skin-brightening product but is a high-performance detox mask which serves to draw out impurities whilst brightening the complexion. This product features detox ingredients first (NZ volcanic mud) and skin-brightening ingredients (peony flower, Vinanza Grape and Kiwi) secondary.

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