5 Fragrances You’ll Love This Summer

5 Fragrances You'll Love This Summer

Fragrances You’ll Love This Summer

We don’t quite realise how much of a difference it can make to find the best summer fragrance. Our sense of smell is connected to memory, so pick your signature scent and the power to remember the Summer forever lies within a bottle of perfume.

For me, discovering a new scent is to make a new memory. I’m having the best year of my life, and so far this year, I have managed to fill every weekend so far with fun plans, so I intend to make this a Summer to remember. A far cry from the previous years when all I wanted was to hide at home and make excuses for not going out.

5 best fragrances for summer

Best Summer Fragrances

I’ve swapped my dresser around to include my best Summer fragrances and here are the 5 perfumes I think you’ll love this Summer too!

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Bloom perfume

Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb Bloom

I use Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb Bloom like there’s no tomorrow, so I shouldn’t be shocked that there’s only a third of it left!

Flowerbomb Bloom is such a perfect perfume for Summer as it has heavy base of florals including rose, jasmine, osmanthus, and orchid with a citrus, juicy blend of bergamot, mandarin and pomegranate.

The zing from the citrus hits you first. It smells a lot like fresh grapefruit upon first spritz but leaves you with the scent of feminine florals throughout the day.

YSL Mon Paris Perfume

YSL Mon Paris

Inspired by the romance of Paris, YSL Mon Paris is a fragrance that urges you to seize the moment. I like the sound of that (I am rarely sold on marketing campaigns, but I do fall for perfume ads! I only wish that perfumes could transport you to Paris!).

YSL Mon Paris has top notes of juicy pears, heart notes of orchid, and a base note of patchouli and white musk. It’s a sensual, vibrant, and sweet scent for old (and modern) romantics!

Sarah Jessica Parker Sheer Lovely Perfume

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Sheer

If you like SJP’s Lovely perfume which was launched in 2006, you’ll love the Lovely Sheer – a reinterpretation of the original. It’s orange blossom layered with bergamot and mandarin. The orangey scent is balanced with pink peppercorn for a woody undertone.


Roger & Gallet Cologne Tubereuse Hedonie

This beautiful Roger & Gallet perfume is rose scented, but not as you know it. In recent year, I’ve loved the return of rose scented perfumes. Thankfully, modern rose scented beauty products longer remind you of cheap soap and granny’s house but rather hints of being in an English garden on a hot summers day. With tea and cream scones too, perhaps? Sounds dreamy!

This unisex cologne is a unique mix of tuberose absolute, jasmine absolute, bergamot. Can we just assume by now that all perfumes features bergamot. The floral blend is then followed by pink pepper, neroli, and strangely, celery! How unusual to use celery is a perfume, but it works. Roger & Gallet’s Tubereuse Hedonie is crisp, aromatic, and earthy.

Philosophy pure grace perfume

Philosophy Pure Grace

“Nothing smells better than soap and water clean” is what it says on the bottle. Philosophy creates the most simple yet chic fragrances. I adore their Fresh Cream perfume (which really does smell like Fresh Cream!) but I’ve opted for Pure Grace in recent months. In fact, it’s been on my desk (along with Missguided’s Babe Power) for over a year.

Inspired by the clean, just-showered, freshly washed linen fragrance,Philosophy’s Pure Grace is inoffensive. The fragrance notes of Pure Grace bergamot (I mean, of course), water lily, lavender, musk and jasmine.

5 best fragrances for summerBest summer fragrances

What’s your favourite perfume for the Summer?

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