Small Homeware Changes To Make Your House Feel Fresh

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Small Homeware Changes To Make Your House Feel Fresh

I have made no plans to go on holiday this Summer, which means the money I’m saving by not going abroad can be spent on homeware for my house, right? I mean, since I’m having a stay-cation and I’m practically stuck at home, so it’s completely justified. That’s how it works, isn’t it?! (Right, Sarah, suuuure…)

After a much needed Spring clean and Summer declutter, I’ve got my home looking bright and fresh, and since I’ve bought some nice things lately, I thought I’d share it.

The last time I did that, the blogpost proved quite popular, so it’s only fair to do an updated version of it – since said blogpost was 4 years ago (8 Quirky Homeware Items In My House). Whilst you’re at it, you may as well have nosey at my taste in homeware.

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New Furniture

I’ve been wanting to get a new dining table and chair set for ages but I didn’t have the heart to get rid of my old one because there was nothing wrong with it, I just simply didn’t like it. The eyesore was dark brown, really chunky, and not ageing well at all.

My flat came fully furnished (everything is brown. Like, why?!), but I’m aware how lucky I was that I didn’t have to fork out hundreds and thousands of pounds for new furniture and appliances. However, on the other hand, hmm… the items left behind just wasn’t to my taste whatsoever and I really feel like I need a clean slate.

I waited until I found someone who would take the fugly, fading dining set away so I could buy a new one. During a spontaneous trip to IKEA one day, I spontaneously bought the Lerhamn set (the one with light oak surface with off-white legs. With 4 off-white chairs). It’s pretty standard, nothing special, it was on offer for £150, but what a big change it makes to my living space!

Most importantly, it’s the first thing I’ve built myself without needing any help at all. I have surprised myself but six weeks later and it’s STILL in one piece. I can drink tea from my ‘Buy Me Pizza And Tell Me I’m Pretty‘ mug and eat homemade baked goods whilst admiring my own DIY handy work. (ps. If you’re after an easy recipe for a sweet treat, you should definitely bake these chewy, fudgy chocolate brownies)

metal mesh sainsburys

Metal Mesh Board

I don’t know what the correct term is so I just call it a metal mesh board! I’ve been on the search for one of these for ages and I saw loads online but I couldn’t bring myself to pay upwards of £60 for one. So, when I found one at Sainsbury’s for £14, I nabbed and paid for it with my Nectar points!

It was particularly a necessity (as you can tell by the things I’ve clipped to it – I’ve made it look pretty now, it’d be a shame to ruin it with bills and love letters from my beloved HMRC) but it adds a bit of joy to my otherwise boring office (read: spare room).

I try to make my workspace as cheerful as I can since I struggle with working from home and living alone. I’ve had various jobs in-between but this is my 10th year of being self-employed and I’m running out of steam, if I’m being honest. Mentally, it has become increasingly difficult but I know if I put my mind to it, I can overcome it. In the meantime, I can continue to buy pretty little things for my home office. It’s the little things!

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Affordable bedding

There was a point in my life when I was obsessed with buying new bedding. I don’t actually own a set that’s more than £30 – but that’s ok! I don’t have a scooby about thread counts and whatnot.

I change my bed sheets every week (or two, if I haven’t been in the flat that much) and I like to use certain ones for certain seasons (because it just seems wrong to use red tartan during the middle of Summer).

At the moment, I have a lovely, pineapple print set on my bed. Unlike what’s pictured above, of course, but I wanted to use a photo of the lovely bedding I was sent from Sainsbury’s, which (as you can tell) was taken around Autumn time! It’s so pretty and I think it can just about pass it off as one that I can use all-year-round!

old english company prints, where to buy affordable printsCheap prints from TK Maxx, affordable prints for your gallery wall

Prints and Gallery Walls

I find it really daunting to build a gallery wall, I’m just way too fussy. Do I want different coloured frames or do I want to go with a colour theme? Do I want them lined up in order in perfect symmetry, or do I want mist-matching ones? I can’t quite find the perfect balance but a good starting point is to collect the prints I want to use and then buy the frames afterwards. Perhaps it can be one of those things that I can chop and change along with the seasons.

TK Maxx does some affordable prints but for something a little more special, Etsy and Not on The Highstreet are great places to start. That’s where I first discovered Old English Company – the go-to for hand-lettered goods. They can personalise prints too. The ‘Sisters make the best friends’ (with our names at the bottom) will takepride of place on my wall… once it all comes together eventually.

My sisters are my besties, we’re really close, but we don’t see each other as often as we’d like. One teaches ballet at a dance school during the day and also works at a pub during the evenings, and the other is a working mum who’s pregnant with her second baby which is due in the late Summer. Lots of exciting times ahead and more memories to be made together!

colourful bookshelfThe life changing magic of not giving a fuck by Sarah Knight

Refresh The Book Shelf

As much as I’d love to have a massive bookshelf filled with a variety of books, I don’t have space in my little flat. With a bit of compromise, I’ve put books on the top shelf, beauty products on the second, and random blog props on the bottom. It’s a total mish mash of stuff but I can at least be proud of the top shelf. There lies the books I’ve half-read and books I’ve yet to read.


Lights and Candles

In a shocking revelation, I’ve come to realised that not everyone likes fairy lights (who are these people, please?!). Fairy lights and candles (have you seen my candle collection?) are such a cliche but it makes the world of difference to my living space.

As cheesy as it sounds, it adds brightness and joy to my evenings. I used to struggle with spending evenings on my own but I started incorporating small things (such as fairy lights and candles!) in to my life, and setting a strict routine for myself each night.

It would be a dream to own a slogan in neon lighting, but again, I’m fussy so I’d probably spend years deciding on the perfect one. For now, temporary fairy lights and a neon heart shaped light will do just fine.

For more inspo, check out my home inspiration blogposts.


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  1. 27th June 2018 / 2:31 pm

    These are great ideas to change up the home. I’d love to have fairy lights across the headboard like that, but my cats are too into biting wires for that to be an option. I do love candles though and they are great to have, especially nice smelling ones. Sadly my other half and I don’t always agree on prints and general decorations, so our home isn’t as kitted out as I wish it was.

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