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I’ve longed for a night out in Newcastle for so long! I lived in Newcastle for four years when I studied at Northumbria University, so I’ve had first hand experience of the city’s party scene and I’ve craved for the ol’ student days ever since I graduated. But that was a long time ago and I don’t know whether I’ve just grown up but Newcastle’s party scene seems to have slightly mellowed and the past 5 years have seen an influx of fancy bars opening.

Pleased to meet you newcastle

Last Friday, I was invited to Pleased To Meet You (word on the street is that it’s one of the best bars in Newcastle) to sample their new Summer cocktails. It was a much-needed outing since the sun was shining, it was the end of a weird week and I was really craving human interaction!

You see, I have quit my job as Social Media and Content Editor on a whim and have spent the week returning to working-from-home as a full-time blogger. I need a drink to mark the end of my job and celebrate the return of being self-employed. GIVE. ME. A. STIFF. DRINK. RIGHT. NOW.

As much as I’ve missed blogging, I now miss being around people and being part of a team. It has only been a week and I’m struggling to settle back in to my old routine. But yeah, I miss people and I miss working in an office; that is something I never thought I’d hear my introvert-self admit. Who even am I?!

Anyway, I was delighted to return to Newcastle. I had after-work drinks pencilled into my diary for Friday evening, and I was sooo ready for Summer cocktails with good company.

pleased to meet you in newcastle

Introducing Pleased To Meet You’s Summer Cocktail Menu

Pleased To Meet You is a trendy, hip bar for trendy and hip people (I don’t bear either of those qualities). Located in the hideaway that High Bridge, it’s a hidden gem of a street where you will find some of the city’s most stylish bars (as well as Newcastle’s oldest pub, The Old George).

Situated a few steps from the hustle and bustle of Grey’s Monument, the cobbled street of High Bridge is easy to get to.

Pleased To Meet You offers a huge choice of specialist gins and craft beer available. They’ve launched their 5 At 5 offering, which is 5 Summer Cocktails for £5 each. Consider it happy hour, Monday to Friday from 5pm ’til 7pm.

We entered through to their restaurant as I needed to line my stomach before touching a drop of alcohol. Last time I went out for after-work drinks, I had 4 Jagerbombs and I ended up going home at 10pm to basically spend the rest of the night hugging the toilet. I passed out in bed and laid there like a medieval pig.

So I made the sensible decision of filling up on cod and chips (comfort food) and a sticky toffee pudding before making our way to the bar for a cocktail (or 4).

watermelon spritz in newcastle

Watermelon Spritz

This is Summer in a glass! I’ve been dreaming about this drink since Friday – it’s that good.

This sparkling watermelon spritz is made with watermelon, peach liqueur, vermouth, topped with prosecco. It’s fizzy, fruity, refreshing, and very easy to drink.

floral martini

The Flowerbed

A walk in the park on a Summer’s afternoon is how this cocktail could be described.

Since it’s vodka on top of vodka, it is a strong cocktail; but i did request a stiff drink, didn’t I? Definitely take your time sipping on The Flowerbed.

Mixed with vodka, vanilla vodka, white creme de cacao, rose syrup and a spray of orange blossom flower water, I tried to detect each of the notes (especially the creme de cocao and rose syrup) but the vodka(s) is powerful in this floral martini.

pretty cocktails

Bonne Bouche Sour

Take a look at this photogenic Bonne Bouche Sour, it reminds me of cocktail version of an old fashion sweet shop.

This delicious cocktail and easy-on-the-eyes Summer cocktail is a blend of Pleased To Meet You’s homemade strawberry bon bon infused vodka (yum), blood tonic cordial, lemon juice and gomme. Garnished with a strawberry and a lemon twist.

cocktail bar newcastle

A Date With Rhubarb

A Date With Rhubarb is my favourite one, I love rum based drinks.

I have a love-hate relationship with rhubarb in it’s true form (not even in a crumble. Especially not in a crumble) but I’m down for anything that’s rhubarb flavoured. I’m ok with that. Just about.

You can certainly taste each of the flavours in this Summer cocktail. It’s sweet, smooth and punchy with it’s infusion of creme de cacao with dates, Gosling’s Black Seal Rum, Rich Madeira, rhubarb and ginger liqueur, and rhubarb bitters. I think that’s chocolate shavings on the top, but I mean, by the 4th cocktail, it could be anything. What do I know!?

The summer cocktails were complementary courtesy of Pleased To Meet You.

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