Benefit’s Launches Hello Happy – A Soft-Blur, Lightweight Liquid Foundation

Benefit has launched a new soft blur foundation called Hello Happy* this month and I’m all the more HAPPY to switch up my foundation at this time of year.
I don’t know about you but during the Summer time, there’s no way I’m wearing full coverage foundation during a hot Summer’s day. Not only does it feel like I’ve covered my face with acrylic paint, but it melts and bunches up that I end up with weird orangey patches – that’s even with primer and a setting spray. I mean, it’s my fault that I just literally melt into a big hot mess, so to make it easier for myself, I tend to follow the “less is more” philosophy.
Benefit’s Hello Happy (£25.50) can be found at the beauty counters from this month. It’s light, breathable and contains SPF 15 PA +++ – just as well now that the Summer is in full swing and we’re ready to switch things up and swap things out of our cosmetics bag.
Hello Happy - Benefit's New Soft-Blur, Lightweight Liquid Foundation
Hello Happy is a light-medium coverage soft blur liquid foundation that’s available in a range of 12 shades. I have it in a shade 03 which is a Light Neutral but I could do with it being a slightly cooler tone and a touch darker so I may opt for a Shade 04 (Medium Neutral) next time.

It’s formulated to blur our imperfections and evens out skin tone due to the smooth, spherical beads that softly diffuse light to create an optical blurred effect.

The texture is so light, it almost feels like a tinted moisturiser. It gives a natural matte finish and it blends into skin really well, there’s no chance of cakiness.

Hello Happy - Benefit's New Soft-Blur, Lightweight Liquid Foundation

For a liquid foundation, it is more liquid-y than I’m used to!  Hello Happy is really watery and at first, I made the mistake of using it in the way I do with my usual foundation that has a thicker consistency. You literally only need a few drops of this and rather applying it with a brush, simply dab it over your face and apply with your finger tips.

To complete the easy process, use a stipple brush in light circular motion to blend it in for a natural look this Summer.

polaroids of happy moments

Not only is Hello Happy a great light coverage foundation, the cute packaging and overall launch campaign for this product makes me think about my favourite happy times! Kudos to Benefit Cosmetics for always putting positive vibes out there!

Benefit Cosmetics HELLO HAPPY Soft Blur Foundation is available in-store and online now.

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