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How stunning does Avon’s Eve Discovery Perfume Collection look? There’s just something special about perfume bottle design and packaging.
As a perfume lover, choosing the perfect scent is a luxurious way to start my day. It’s a fun experience considering factors such as mood, weather, and plans. Fragrances are not only memorable but also unique to our skin. It’s fascinating how our senses can detect different notes, making each perfume distinct. That’s why I enjoy collecting perfumes!
Avon’s new collection, Eve Discovery, is fronted by Hollywood star Eva Mendes as the face of the new campaign and includes three fragrances named Elegance, Alluring, and Confidence, designed for every occasion and mood.
With their affordable price, you can indulge in all three fragrances in Avon’s Eve Discovery Perfume Collection, each evoking inner feelings of elegance, allure, and confidence.
I adore Avon perfumes; I carry one in my handbag and have a bottle on my desk at work. They are of high quality and look beautiful on any dresser. The bottles of Eve Discovery are stunning and resemble precious gemstones. But, how do they smell? Let’s delve in!
AVON ELEGANCE perfume from the EVE Discovery collection, avon eve discovery perfume range
Elegance – Be remembered
The elegant and feminine pink bottle of this fragrance contains a delightful blend of fruity and floral notes that make it perfect for any occasion.
The juicy burst of pomegranate and jasmine petals create a bright and refreshing scent, while the amberwood adds depth and sophistication. As the fragrance dries down, it reveals a light and floral aroma that lingers on the skin.
The versatility of this perfume makes it a great choice for both daytime wear and evening events. With its pretty faceted pink bottle, this fragrance is not only a pleasure to wear but also a beautiful addition to any perfume collection.
AVON CONFIDENCE perfume from the EVE Discovery collection, avon eve discovery perfume range
Confidence – Conquer the world
It’s difficult to choose just one, but if I had to, I would say that Confidence is my favourite from the collection. The scent is described as a blend of oriental, woodsy and vanilla notes, with a mixture of blackcurrant, frangipani, and oakwood.
The fragrance is perfect for daytime wear, particularly in the spring and summer months. The triangular cut bottle design reminds me of a radiant topaz gemstone, which perfectly represents the confident and empowering energy that the scent exudes.
AVON ALLURING perfume from the EVE Discovery collection, avon eve discovery perfume range
Alluring – Empower your seduction
Indulge your alluring side with this lilac-toned perfume bottle that exudes sensuality and captivation.
With its main notes of pink plum, neroli, and sandalwood, the perfume boasts an oriental, floral, and woody scent perfect for evening wear. The bottle design is sleek, slightly elongated with a curvy base, making it a beautiful addition to your dresser. Let this fragrance bring out your seductive side, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go.
Which fragrance from the Avon Eve Discovery collection are you intrigued by?
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