AVON perfume from the EVE Discovery collection, avon eve discovery perfume range

The MUST-HAVE perfumes from Avon’s Eve Discovery Collection

There’s just something special about your favourite fragrance, isn’t there? I’m a big fan of perfumes, it starts my day off with the feel of luxury. One of the first things I do each morning is pick out my choice of perfume depending on several factors such as my mood, the weather, the season, and what my plans are for that particular day. This is why I have so many, I love collecting perfumes and always have done.

Think about when you’re treating yourself to a new perfume? It’s an enjoyable the experience, right? From the moment you clap eyes on the bottle design to the very first spritz to the empowering campaigns that promises you confidence and self-assurance. From beginning to end, the process of finding your favourite perfume are the beginning of making good memories. A certain perfume can evoke a past time, turning what appears to be ‘nice bottle of perfume’ in to one of the most powerful ways to bring back a certain memory.

I adore how unique a perfume is to your senses and skin. Detecting the different fragrance notes, and how what we can smell is totally different to what someone else can.

AVON perfume from the EVE Discovery collection, avon eve discovery perfume range
What Avon had in mind when they developed three new fragrances in their Avon Eve Discovery collection is that you can have one for every occasion and every mood. The three new Avon perfumes from their Eve Discovery collection are aptly named Elegance, Alluring, and Confidence. With the affordable price points, you really can treat yourself to all three; three different scents to wear depending on the moment or the mood, to create an inner sense of elegance, allure, and confidence.
Avon perfumes have been a favourite of mine. I keep in my handbag as a daily beauty essential and I also have bottle sitting on my desk at work and spray whenever needed (my work colleagues always ask to borrow it too, they can’t believe it’s from Avon either). They’re high in quality, affordable, and they look gorgeous on the dresser, especially with the way Avon’s Eve Discovery bottles are cut. They almost resemble precious gemstones.
One of most exciting thing about the launch of Avon’s Eve Discovery fragrance range is that Hollywood star Eva Mendes is the face of the new campaign – a strong, sophisticated, beautiful woman that empowers other women. But what about the perfumes? How do they measure up, I hear you ask?
AVON ELEGANCE perfume from the EVE Discovery collection, avon eve discovery perfume range
Elegance – Be remembered
The pretty faceted pink bottle houses a sophisticated floral, fruity scent of pomegranate, jasmine petals, and amberwood. Upon first spritz, the juicy zing hits your nose but the dry down is a light floral. It’s a great day-to-night perfume. The pink bottle design reflects elegance and femininity.
AVON CONFIDENCE perfume from the EVE Discovery collection, avon eve discovery perfume range
Confidence – Conquer the world
Although it is hard to pick, I think Confidence might be my favourite (I have to stress that it is really hard to pick, though! They’re all so gorgeous). Described as oriental, vanillic and wood, Confidence combines notes of blackcurrant, frangipani and oakwood for a beautiful day time fragrance (perfect for Spring and Summer!). The bottle reminds me of a canary gemstone with it’s triangular cut and radiant appearance. It gives off the confident vibes as soon as you set your sights on it.
AVON ALLURING perfume from the EVE Discovery collection, avon eve discovery perfume range
Alluring – Empower your seduction
Show the alluring side to your personality with this lilac toned bottle which is filled with a perfume that offers a more sensual and captivating scent. The main fragrance notes are pink plum, neroli and sandalwood which creates an oriental floral woody aroma. The bottle design is smooth, slightly elongated with curvy base and the fragrance is much more suited for the evening.
Which fragrance from the Avon Eve Discovery collection will you be trying?
*This blogpost is sponsored by Avon. However, all words, opinions, styling and photography are completely my own.
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