Christmas Gift Guide For Her

Christmas Gift Guide For Her

I start my gift shopping on Christmas Eve” is something I say every year at the start of December as a joke. And every year, it ends up being true.
What can I say, I’m a last minute shopper.
I like to keep myself on my toes.
I live life on the edge.
I’m wild…
And admittedly a little stupid for leaving it until last minute (YES, I’m going delirious and I am getting stressed with how much I have to do in the next seven days – obviously there’s no one to blame but myself! eeeeeeks!)
Christmas Gift Guide For Her
When it comes to gift buying, it’s the males that I REALLY struggle with; hence why I leave it until the very last minute and then normally, they end up with something really terrible like mouthwash and novelty socks (I’m really sorrryyyyy, guys!).
But I have a pretty big last minute gift guide for you today. Gifts for her; the best girls in your life. I find my girls (mum, sisters, aunties, cousins, friends) so easy to buy for, and I’m sort of half-done when it comes to shopping gifts for her. I can do it with my eyes closed (which is kind of half true since I am ridiculously short-sighted, I may as well be walking into the shops with my eyes closed).
If you’re after a few extra Christmas gifts, or you’re a last minute shopper like I am – I can, at least, with help with Christmas gift recommendations for the ladies in your life. I’m handy like that.
Many of the below retailers have a cut-off date of 21st or 22nd for last Christmas orders. So I promise you, there’s still time!
GHOST Sweetheart Gift Set

GHOST Sweetheart Gift Set*, £38.00 (shop link)


This 7-piece gift set by GHOST contains all the nice things that us bloggers LOVE. Candles (check!). Nail polish (check!). Body butter (check!). A couple of perfumes (check!) A rose gold make-up bag (check, check, CHECK!). It’s the perfect beauty set, and the scent of GHOST’s Sweetheart is just as nice as it looks. With delicate, uplifting fragrance notes of fresh green apples, lemon zests, rose, lily of valley, caramel, vetiver, and tonka bean – a sweet, feminine scent all wrapped in gorgeous rose gold.
REN Moroccan Rose Otto Duo

REN Moroccan Rose Otto Duo*, £36.00 (shop link)

I look forward to seeing who REN collaborate with. Every Christmas, they partner up with an artist to create a gorgeous range of festive gifts and this year, they have teamed up with Silken Favours who specialise in hand-drawn illustrative prints with a cute, kitsch and artsy twist. Their illustration style is right up my street, so naturally, this is my favourite REN collaboration so far.
There are lots of different gift sets from the REN x Silken Favours Christmas collection but the Moroccan Rose Otto Duo is my favourite for a couple of reasons. 1) I LOVE the scent of the Moroccan Rose Otto ever since I tried it a few years ago, it’s one of the world’s most expensive essential oils, it’s a delight for upgrading your bath time! And reason 2) HOW BLOOMIN’ CUTE IS THE FLAMINGO/CHEESE PLANT ILLUSTRATION! It’s not exactly festive but I don’t even care. Silken Favours done an amazing job with the packaging design, it’s hard not to fall in love with every single gift in this year’s collection.


Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Gift Set

Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Gift Set*, £23.00 (shop link)

This is such an affordable fragrance set, it makes a lovely ‘extra’ gift for little sisters and young relatives (and of course, any Ariana Grande fan would adore this!) This set includes a 30ml perfume, with a pom pom keyring, and a 100ml body souffle in the Sweet Like Candy fragrance which embodies a burst of sugar-frosted blackberry and a sparkling, juicy bergamot with a velvety layer of creme de cassis, marshmallow accord, and vanilla.


Baylis & Harding Creme Brulee & Cocoa Gift Set

Baylis & Harding Creme Brulee & Cocoa Gift Set, £30.00* (shop link)

This is from British Home Stores – who I very much miss their absence on the high street since BHS is a place I used to get 80% of my gifts from when it was around. Thankfully, they still exist on the world wide web (hurrah) and I’ve enjoyed browsing their Christmas collection.
Baylis & Harding is a very accessible brand, and unfortunately, their star gift (pictured above) is sold out but if you click through to this link, it will take you to the Baylis & Harding brand page where you can see more of their gift sets – all of which are now half price! I highly recommend the Creme Brulee and Cocoa scented collection if you like sweet fragrances (incase you haven’t notice, I do!).
Molton Brown Fabled Juniper Berries & Lapp Pine
Molton Brown Fabled Juniper Berries & Lapp Pine

Molton Brown Fabled Juniper Berries & Lapp Pine Gift Set*, £45.00
Molton Brown Fabled Juniper Berries and Lapp Pine Snowflake Bath Salts*, £25.00 (shop link)

Moving on to something more grown up and more luxurious; the beloved Molton Brown. I am such a huge fan, it’s difficult not to buy something for my Mum and end up keeping it for myself! My Mum ALWAYS has Molton Brown on her wishlist – she has a full-size set just for her locker at the golf club, a travel set for her gym bag, and the whole bathroom at home is filled with Molton Brown shower gels, body lotions, hand wash, and…. bascially, thanks to my sisters and I, my mum has an endless supply of Molton Brown.
This Christmas, one of Molton Brown’s festive scent is Fabled Juniper Berries & Lapp Pine – a fresh, cooling, crisp scent with a top note of Lapp pine bark, a heart note of juniper berries, and a base note of oakmoss and musk. It’s extremely festive and wintery!


Roger & Gallet Trio Rose Set
Roger & Gallet Trio Rose Set


Roger & Gallet Trio Rose Set* (similar here)

I was gifted this and it arrived through the post at the end of last week. I’m unsure whether this is a blogger mailer – I couldn’t find this online anywhere. Sometimes I get gifted press releases and mailers that are specifically created for bloggers and press, but since it’s such a nice little design, I thought it might’ve been a product for retail. Anyway, I have found a similar Rose trio here, it’s not as cute but the contents are actually better and a box of three full size products for £32.10 is a good deal. Roger & Gallet is a fantastic brand, their scents are really unique and they sure pack a punch.


BareMinerals You Had Me At Glow

BareMinerals You Had Me At Glow, was £39 now £26 (shop link)
BareMinerals Brush Hour Set, was £39 now £26 (shop link)

The BareMinerals counter is a counter I find myself drawn to these days. It’s probably because I still see it as quite niche (even though it’s not anymore) but mainly it’s because I’ve loved every product I’ve ever tried – their foundations are one of my favourites for when my skin is feeling a little dry.
You Had Me At Glow and Brush Hour are both part of the festive collection. You Had Me At Glow is a palette containing 6 baked highlighters and soft bronzers to help you shimmer throughout the party season. Brush Hour includes 3 essential brushes (a shaping brush, a blender brush, and a contour brush) plus a case with 8 slots so you can start collecting more BareMineral make-up brushes!
Grace Cole Sweet Cinnamon and Myrrh

Grace Cole Sweet Cinnamon and Myrrh Indulgent Hand Care Duo, £15.00 (shop link)


This would make a nice Secret Santa gift – especially for anyone at my workplace. They don’t have handwash in the communal area where we have our lunch, so I have to bring my own, and I’m sure this gift wouldn’t go amiss for anyone who works in the same office as me. People are always paying my desk a visit to borrow my hand wash, hand sanitiser and hand lotion. Good job I’m generous, haha! (But only because I literally have an endless supply of the beauty stuff!)


Soap & Glory Spa Wonder star gift 2017
Soap & Glory Spa Wonder star gift 2017

Soap & Glory Spa Wonder, £30 (shop link)

It’s the Soap & Glory half-price star gift from Boots that everyone anticipates every single year. It was tough to top last year’s travel case, but this year’s design is equally as fun! Based on the individual RRP of the products, the contents of Spa Wonder is worth £78 and you can buy the whole gift set for just £30.
Spa Wonder contains 10 Soap & Glory products; some of which are the Original Pink best sellers, a few of the popular skincare products, some lovely make-up items, and even a newbie (the sheet mask). They are all full size products and as all Soaper fans know, they last for ages!
Soap & Glory Soaper Heroes

Soap & Glory Soaper Heroes, £7.50 (shop link)

If the Star Gift doesn’t fit within your budget, there’s always the smaller 3 for 2 gifts. Soap & Glory’s Soaper Heroes includes 6 travel sets contained in a lovely easy-to-wrap tin.


Lord Timepieces Classic Pink Watch

Lord Timepieces Classic Pink Watch, £69.00 (shop link)

A watch is a classic Christmas gift. For something different, check out Lord Timepieces. Since they don’t follow the out-dated retail model, they can can sell their high-quality watches directly to the customer at an affordable price point. They’re one of those brands that excels online because they understand the structure of an online business, and their effective use of social media.
Sudio Sweden Regent Headphones
Sudio Sweden Regent Headphones

Sudio Sweden Regent Headphones, £79.00 (shop link)

There’s an overwhelming amount of earphones and headphones out there, it’s easy to just go with what’s popular (with a hefty price tag attached to it). I’m not all that hot on the knowledge of audio, I just want something that looks pretty. Luckily, Sudio, a Swedish brand, offer both provides great sound with an aesthetically pleasing design. I mean, they had me at ‘marble’.
The marble caps are an extra add-on that can be purchased. You can buy different interchangeable design caps for a more personalised style. Personally, I love marble, and it makes the Regent headphones more ‘me’.
Sudio’s Regent Headphones are wireless, on-ear with a sleek, modern design operating on Bluetooth 4.1 technology and 24+ hours of battery life. All products come in a gift box for a limited time only.
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