Best Beauty Stocking Fillers, christmas gift guide

13 Best Beauty Stocking Fillers

We’ve all seen unrealistic stocking filler gift guides floating around this year. Each to their own, I say – I’d buy those kind of lavish gifts if I had the money too, trust me. But before I go any further,  I’m going to warn you now. My stocking filler gift guide isn’t as fancy as that.
For me though, creating a Christmas stocking filled with nice presents to gift to someone who’s between aged 18-25 would be classed as a main present. Good job I love putting together stockings, goody bags and hampers then. Zipping up and down the high street playing ‘supermarket sweep’ in the beauty departments is one of my favourite past times, don’t you know! I just love it. Give me a budget and a couple of hours, and I’ll gather the best beauty collection in all the land.
Best Beauty Stocking Fillers, christmas beauty stocking fillers
Below are from some stocking fillers from some of my favourite brands of 2017 and they are all the things I’d love to receive in a Christmas stocking too – each and every single one from decent, useful products from accessible brands that your friends and family would definitely use (not a single old tut in sight!). And at affordable price point too! Everybody wins!


Best Beauty Stocking Fillers

Elegant Touch House Of Holland Nails, £9.99 (Currently buy one get 2nd half price in Boots)

These really are the most perfect stocking filler, right?! Especially as they’re Christmas themed; Golden Baubles have a gold glitter design with a colourful fairy light and bauble design (these are SERIOUSLY giving me proper 90s school disco vibes here! I used to wear Collection 2000 gold glitter polish to Christmas school discos). Santa Claws is a cute santa design – classic, fun, and festive.

Eylure Most Wanted False Eyelashes, £11.95 (Currently buy one get 2nd half price in Boots)

When it comes to the party season, it’s go big or go home! So it’s time to experiment with a dramatic eye look with full, volume lashes. These gorgeous packs of Eylure Most Wanted lashes will help achieve that look. They’re lightweight, expertly crafted with a silk effect, and they’re reusable too.


House Of Holland Feminist Clips Hair Barrettes

House Of Holland Feminist Clips Hair Barrettes, £14.95

Believe you me, I’m all for supporting girl power, being a kick-ass female and empower women. At work, I’m forever putting people in their place if they dare mutter a single word against women, equality, stereotyping, sexism, descrimination or any other insults along those lines. I don’t think they’re quite used to it, but basically, I turn into your worst nightmare if I hear anyone say a bad word against women. I’m not putting up with that shit and I won’t stay quiet about it, especially not in a work environment after everything that’s been made public in the media this year. If that sounds like your characteristic too (or indeed the person you’re making a Christmas stocking for) then these House Of Holland hair clips are a nice touch.


the best beauty stocking fillers for christmas

Bean Body Coffee Scrub with Manuka Honey, £14.95

Last year, I discovered how great coffee scrubs are and I’ve been raving about it to every one I know. Coffee Scrubs are great for your skin (find out why here), smells great, and reduces the appearance cellulite. But mainly, because it smells delicious – I love the scent of coffee.
The newest release from Bean Body is their Manuka Honey coffee scrub. It’s made up of roasted ground coffee beans, himalayan pink rock salt, unrefined brown sugar, organic cocoa powder, cold pressed coconut oil, manuka honey essence, almond oil, and hyaluronic acid. ALL THE GOOD STUFF. One pack lasts for about 6 months if used sparingly (and you will want to use sparingly because it’s really scrubby and too much will hurt your skin. A little goes a long way).
the best beauty stocking fillers for christmas

Superdrug We Love Face Masks range, from £3.29

Superdrug recently launched their own brand of facemarks and there’s one to combat every skin problem. The range is inspired by superfoods and kitchen favourites, but whilst they sound delicious and look good enough to eat, they are definitely for your face (and not to spoon in to your mouth. Unfortch). Certified Cruelty Free and suitable for vegans, the following tubs of facemasks are available: coffee, kale, coconut, blueberry jam, charcoal, avocado & oat. Which one will you choose?

Tropic Skincare Whipped Body Velvet, £28.00

It’s all too easy to pop in to The Body Shop at this time of year and buy the cult classics (Shea Butter, anyone?) but for something a little different, surprise your pals with something form Tropic Skincare. I’ve really enjoyed using the skin and body care from this gorgeous brand (find out what my favourites are here) and this tub of whipped body velvet comes packaged in a lovely box, so it gift-ready. Suitable for vegans, this soft whipped, nourishing body cream is formulated to help protect your skin from the elements. Ideal for Winter.

Salon Science Thickening Serum, £15.00

Another one of my go-to brand, Salon Science isn’t raved about enough. Their brand new Thickening Serum features a key ingredient of AnaGain Organic Pea Sprout extract to target hair loss. The formula has restorative proteins, starch, and fibres for thicker hair. We’re all for anything that helps hair growth, restores shine, with a fuller, more volumise appearance.

nspa Sacred Spa (ASDA), from £3.00

Has anyone used anything from nspa before? It’s such a lovely, award-winning brand that’s available to buy from ASDA’s beauty aisle. Again, it’s another one that’s suitable for vegans (and if you’re interested in this, check out more of my vegan beauty recommendations). The Sacred Spa range is inspired by spa treatments, helping you to create an at-home experience. The scent is fresh, minty, yet delicate and calming. I highly recommend the nspa range – prices start from £3.00.


Antipodes mini duo gift set, beauty stocking fillers


Antipodes Minis, £14.99


Myself (and other beauty bloggers/vloggers) have been raving about Antipodes for years. They have launched a range of mini’s which is perfect as a stocking filler, it’s a nice way to introduce someone to the amazing brand.
REN & Now To Sleep Pillow Spray, beauty stocking filler gift guide


REN & Now To Sleep Pillow Spray, £18.00


I love pillow sprays and always have bottle on my night stand. When I was told that REN was releasing a pillow spray and that it had a cute twist to it’s packaging, I was intrigued. I love that REN has added a playful, fun design to it’s packaging. But how does the product itself perform? It has a subtle, almost non-detectable scent (in my opinion and in comparison to other sleep sprays I’ve used in the past). The blend of frankincense and lavender helps to promote a natural sleep balance. Both of these key ingredients are used for it’s properties to relax, calm, reduce anxiety and encourage a good night of sleep.
fatface scented candles, stocking fillers gift guide


FatFace Scented Candle, £15.00


It’s not a Christmas gift guide if it doesn’t involve a candle (plenty of them coming up. Standard.). I’ve recently discovered how lovely the gift collection is at FatFace, I never knew. Their candles are surprisingly nice, packaging well designed (they’re very pretty), and generally makes a great gift. It’s definitely worth popping in to a FatFace store or view their Christmas gift selection online.
burt's bees stocking fillers, beauty stocking fillers

Burt’s Bees Stocking Fillers, from £6.99

Now these are a cult classic when it comes to beauty stocking fillers. Burt’s Bees have a fantastic range of gift sets that start from £6.99. You can’t go wrong with anything that includes their lip balms. My favourite are the tinted lip balms, they were my absolute go-to balms at one point, I was obsessed.


Mark Hill Healthy Hair Don’t Care, hair care stocking fillers

Mark Hill Healthy Hair Don’t Care, £12.50

I love the gold and orange packaging of this, I’m drawn to it even before I learn what it is and what’s inside that pretty, shiny box. Thankfully, Mark Hill Healthy Hair Don’t Care is a gorgeous set containing 4 miniature Argan infused hair products from the MiracOILous range developed for a boost of shine. The 4-piece set includes a shampoo, conditioner, mask, and Argan oil. This product is part of Boots 3 For 2 offer.

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