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I was introduced to Aveeno when a friend of mine was recommended one of their body lotions by a healthcare professional to soothe and calm her eczema-prone skin. I had heard of the brand but I didn’t know much about them until now.

Aveeno’s brand mission is to use the power of nature to make your skin and hair beautiful. Responsibly sourced and uniquely formulated, their effective beauty products feature high-quality natural ingredients (also known as Aveeno’s ACTIVE NATURALS®) to give the brand it’s reputation for effectiveness and results. Coupled with the science behind they put behind every single product, this carves out the unique selling point for Aveeno ever since they were founded in 1945.

As their affordable, nature-driven beauty products are known for their scientifically-proven effectiveness, I thought I’d see how credible they are for myself. As well as the a body lotion that came so highly recommended, I also got a few other Aveeno products from iHerb to try for myself. Turns out they’re pretty great! Here are my staple beauty items for Winter.

ACTIVE NATURALS® Nourish + Moisturise Shampoo

Formulated specifically for dry, damaged hair, the studies and trials conducted for Aveeno’s ACTIVE NATURALS® Nourish + Moisturise Shampoo shows that it brings your hair back to life after just 3 washes (when used alongside the Nourish and Moisturize conditioner). 
I dye my hair so I’m certainly in the ‘dry and damaged hair’ category, so this is an ideal shampoo for restoring it to back to health. I always panic when I see the first signs of dry and brittle hair because that means I have to make a visit to the salon and I’m not great with getting my haircut. I really don’t like the experience so I avoid it and I only go when I absolutely have to. Even though I’ve made attempts to go more often, the reality is that I only go once a year!

I am careful with what products I use on my hair to prolong the health of my it. The blend of oat protein and wheat complex gives your hair a boost of hydration, replenishes, and gentle cleanses.

ACTIVE NATURALS® Nourish + Shine Conditioner

Similar to the Nourish + Moisturise Shampoo, Aveeno’s ACTIVE NATURALS® Nourish + Shine Conditioner puts a healthy shine to dull, lack-lustre hair. As well as adding sheen thanks to it’s shine-enhancing palm extract and Wheat Complex, the conditioner also makes your hair more manageable. Both of the Aveeno shampoo and conditioner that I’ve chosen to try are suitable for coloured-treated hair so I can use it on a daily basis without worrying about the dye fading.

ACTIVE NATURALS® Positively Nourishing Antioxidant Infused Body Wash

I’m fussy when it comes to which body wash I use; from the ingredient to the consistency, how it lathers, and what it smells like. Luckily, Aveeno’s Positively Nourishing Antioxidant Infused Body Wash smells really good! The scent of sweet peach is instantly potent once dispensed and the note of ginger comes through as you lather. It’s formula is created to uplift your senses – perfect for the morning showers to wake you up and energise you. Plus, I love anything with a peach fragrance, so that’s a bonus!

ACTIVE NATURALS® Soothing Bath Treatment

A box of ACTIVE NATURALS® Soothing Bath Treatment contains 8 single-use, fragrance-free packets for your bath time. The powder is 100% made from natural ingredients and has an active ingredient of finely milled, ultra fine collodial oatmeal which helps to defend, protect, hydrate and gently cleanses the skin. You simply empty one packet in to running water, sit back and relax. This treatment has been given the seal of approval from dermatologists as it’s formulated to sooth itchy, irritated skin; this could be from insect bites, rashes, prickly heat, eczema, sunburn, and any other skin irritation problems you may be experiencing. It’s a good product to have on stand-by. 

ACTIVE NATURALS® Stress Relief Moisturising Lotion

Along with doctors and skincare experts, I can’t recommend Aveeno’s lotions enough. If you’re prone to skin issues then do check out Aveeno – but chances are, you will have been recommended at one point if you’ve been to get advice about skin problems. If I don’t make the effort to take care of my skin during this time of year, I see the New Year in with problems that will continue until Spring comes round. 
As the product name ‘Stress Relief Moisturising Lotion‘ suggests, this long-lasting lotion provides stress relief to your skin thanks to it’s calming formula of lavendar, essential chamomile, ylang-ylang, and ACTIVE NATURALS® Collodial Oatmeal.

ACTIVE NATURALS® Positively Nourishing Cocoa + Shea Butters Whipped Soufflé

I was intrigued by the fact that Aveeno’s has called this a whipped soufflé. Basically, if the name resembles a delicious dessert, then I’m sold. Darling, you had me at soufflé. Usually, a lotion that features either cocoa + shea butter (or both!) is a thick, rich, body butter – and even though that’s great for skin, I find it too heavy to use on a daily basis (it becomes a chore when it takes ages for the body butter to absorb/dry in to skin).  
This, being a ‘soufflé’ formula, is as light as a cocoa + shea butter based lotion can be. Fast-absorbing, smells lovely, and keeps your skin soft and hydrated! A beauty product like this is a must-have for Winter! I can even use it in the morning without getting that greasy, slippery feeling!
All of the products featured in this blogpost can be purchased from Google Trusted Store, iHerb, where you will find over 35,000 beauty products (a lot of which you can’t buy in the UK). iHerb ships to over 160 countries with a fast delivery and reliable service. My order was shipped within 3 days and I got my parcel within a week! And if you happen to stumble across any issues with your order, their customers can provide support in 10 different languages.

If you’re thinking of placing an order on iHerb for any Aveeno products, new customers can use this special link to get $5 off your Aveeno order of $20 or over.

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