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I have never felt so disconnected with my blog than I have recently.
Since 2011, I have thought about my blog every single day; what shall I blog about, what is considered good content, how do I become a better blogger, what can I do to increase traffic, why haven’t I been chosen for this campaign, am I not good enough, what am I doing wrong. 
As a blogger, you go through all the feels. Most of us fell into it by accident and it’s still a steep learning curve, everything is changing at a fast pace every day. We’re always striving to do better but we’re also our own worst critic.
I’m learning to be kinder to myself, to take a step back (or even cut out) from the things that drag me down. It’s liberating, and dare I say, it does wonders in boosting my confidence when I unapologetically put myself first and focus on being the best version of me.


I’m an advocate for self-care and here’s just some of the fun things I’ve been doing lately:

Hotel Chocolat tasting box monthly subscription
Hotel Chocolat tasting box monthly subscription

Signed up to Hotel Chocolat Tasting Box Subscription

It’s almost a tradition for me to treat myself to a huge box of chocolates at this time of year. It all started when I was at uni and I found it so hard to leave home after a long Summer to go back to my student digs. So as soon as I got my first student loan instalment, I’d buy a box of posh chocs to cheer myself up. Don’t worry, I didn’t frivolously blow my student loan on presents for myself (as a fashion student, I had fabric at £100000000 per metre to buy for…) but chocolate was the one of the few treats I allowed myself.
Imagine my excitement when I discovered Hotel Chocolat’s Tasting Box Subscription Box. As a blogger, I’m already a fan of subscription boxes – I can be quite jaded by it – but this one is too hard to resist. Who doesn’t want to receive chocolate treats every month?!… SIGN ME UP RIGHT NOW. It makes an ideal present for any chocoholic.
Halloween Pumpkin
homemade halloween candles, ghost halloween candles

Embracing Autumn

Autumn gives me life. It’s where I come alive. My blog, my photography, my life, my attitude, my everything. It’s such a pretty time of year and it makes gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside! The Autumn candles have come out of storage (I’ve even made my own Halloween candles this year from Bolsius have sent me), I’ve bought new fairy lights, new sweaters, and my blood type is pumpkin spice latte.


I’ve been self-employed and working from home for 8 years, but recently got a sweet social media gig at a luxury fashion retailer where I work 3 days a week at their offices – it’s an escape for me! I have enjoyed getting to know the people there, and I have settled in really well.
coffee shop in waterstones

Blogging On-The-Go

I love that I can pick up my laptop and work from anywhere, I should take advantage of that more! To get my back on the blogging routine, I’ve been hopping from coffee shop to coffee shop. I caught up with a month’s worth of emails in one day, and I’m typing this post in Starbucks right now. I’ve become one of those people AND I LIKE IT. I like that I can pick up and go!

Family Time

A lot of things lately have made me appreciate my family on a whole different level. We’ve got to stick together and spend more time with each other, there’s no excuse. Making plans with them and saying yes to more fun things have made me so happy. I love them lots and lots.
pet head dog grooming products


Barbour Dogs

Recently I was allowed to take my dog to work with me for the day. Bonnie took part in a photoshoot with Barbour and I swear it was the best day ever! Having dogs in the office makes everyone happy, doesn’t it? To make her photo-ready, I pampered her with some Pet Head grooming products from VioVet. I washed her with Furtastic Blueberry Muffin Shampoo, sprayed her with Doggie Fragrance in Strawberry Lemonade, and applied Oatmeal Paw Butter on her paws. She looked and smelled LOVELY!!
topshop lips print shirt


Haulin’ Clothes

This month, I’ve been buying clothes like no tomorrow and it feels good! My favourite thing I bought recently is this shirt of dreams from the Topshop sale (it was 50% off! What a find!). It’s got a cute print, ruffles, and a collar. It’s perfect.


relaxing at the weekend

Relaxing Weekends

I never used to take weekends off, it was an extremely weird thing for me. I’ve worked weekends since I was 13 years old. I took the odd Saturday off to go out with friends but I’ve worked on weekends ever since I was old enough could work! I like pending the weekends lazing around in my pj’s, and catching up with TV (but also working on my laptop or my phone… because I can NEVER fully switch off).
tempsec sarah fashion blogger

Sister Time

I was really sad when my little sister left home for Uni last year. She was never happy there and I worried about her when she called phoned every night telling me how homesick she was. Living in halls isn’t everyone, I was the exact same, I didn’t settle until my second year when I lived elsewhere. Ultimately, the course wasn’t right for her so she has quit uni and selfishly, I love having her back home! Reunited with bae (who, at 19, is currently trying to figure what to do with her life. Mate, I’m 32 and I’m still winging it).
I hope you’re enjoying the new season too!
Don’t forget to take care of number one. That’s you, btw. ?
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hotel Chocolat. The opinions and text are all mine.


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  1. So many of us seem to be disillusioned with blogging this year but sounds like you've had a lovely Autumn so far. That Hotel Chocolat subscription box is such a good idea, very tempted to treat myself too and your dog Bonnie is so cute x

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