I owe a lot to Jurlique for being one of the skincare brands that has played a big part in improving my skin and therefore improving my confidence. You can’t put a price on that!

I’m so happy with how my skin looks at the moment, I can’t quite believe I can finally say that! (Although every time I dare to say out it loud, I fear that I’ll wake up the next day with spots all over my face. So… touch wood!)

Jurlique The NEW Herbal Recovery Advanced Day Cream
As a beauty blogger, I have learned a lot about skincare; what goes in it, which ingredients are best (and which to avoid) and how to use a product to get the best results.
Jurlique, as a brand, does really well in educating the customers about their various skincare range and I’d like to pass on some of that knowledge. They’re a fantastic brand and I want to shout it from the rooftop!

Jurlique The NEW Herbal Recovery Advanced Day Cream

Who are Jurlique?

“Our purpose is to inspire people to wellbeing through a connection with nature.”
Founded by a German husband and wife team in the 1980s from their expertise as a biochemist and a botanist. They believed in the healing power of nature. Staying true to their beliefs, their vision came to life when they began searching for the purest and unspoiled place on earth to discover that this land was Adelaide Hills in South Australia.
Today, Jurlique roots are what makes the brand so amazing. Combined with the founder’s knowledge and passion of alchemy, herbal medicine and homeopathy, they have developed products that gives their customers beautiful, flawless, healthy-looking skin. Their key natural ingredients are still grown in the place where Jurlique started; Adelaide Hills in South Australia.
You can buy Jurlique in Debenhams in London (hopefully that means they’ll be rolling out nationwide in the near future) or in their standalone boutique in Mayfair, but all their products can be purchased on their website.
Jurlique The NEW Herbal Recovery Advanced Day Cream

What’s new at Jurlique?

The NEW Herbal Recovery Advanced Day Cream

The NEW Herbal Recovery Advanced Day Cream* (£37) is Jurlique’s fabulous, latest launch. It’s a powerful anti-ageing face moisturiser which features Japanese Cedar Bud (an antioxidant and nutrient-rich ingredient that is known to help give you a supple, more youthful complexion) which targets fine lines, dull skin, and dryness. Perfect for the upcoming Winter.
I’ve tried plenty of day creams before (believe me!) but when it gives immediate results, you know you’re on to a good thing. I have high exceptions each time I try a Jurlique product, each one better than the last, and this NEW Herbal Recovery Advanced Day Cream has impressed me no end.
I started using anti-ageing skincare products at aged 27 (prevention is better than cure!) and it has paid off! I’m 32 and I still get ID’d when I’m out… that might be due to my small size, but I’m going to take it as a sign that I can still get away with looking 18 (but JUST ABOUT!) thanks to my dedication to a solid skincare routine.
Jurlique’s Herbal Recovery range is developed to smooth fine lines and revitalise dull skin. Packed with potent botanicals to speficially targets the first signs of ageing and the NEW Herbal Recovery Advanced Day Cream does a fine job of taking care of that.
Light in texture, the face cream protects and nourishes your skin and gives you hydration and all-day radiance to your complexion. 87% of the women who trialled this agreed that their skin appeared visibly healthier – I can vouch for this! I love how my skin looks during the day thanks to Jurlique’s new face cream.
Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum & Herbal Recovery Advanced Eye Serum

Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum & Herbal Recovery Advanced Eye Serum

This is my second bottle of Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum* (£47) this because my Mum nicked off with my first one. We’re both huge fans! Serums aren’t always necessary but I’ve found that the surface of my skin has improved ever since I incorporated serums in to my daily routine. It DOES make a difference.
Serums are often applied before moisturiser to protect skin from free radicals , environmental factors, and generally have unique benefits depending on the formula, it can combat minor skin problems. Jurlique’s Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum is a concentrated product that restores skin’s elasticity and radiance. If your skin is on the dry side, this serum will help boost your moisturiser, thus increasing hydration. ~Flawless!~
The Herbal Recovery Advanced Eye Serum* (£34) keeps the wrinkles at bay! I put it in the fridge for 20 minutes in the morning so when I apply it around the eye contour, it refreshes and de-puffs. The formula is a silky, non-stick liquid so it doesn’t interfere with my makeup routine. £34 for a high performing eye serum is a great price too!
Jurlique body products

Restoring Shower Gel and Restoring Body Lotion

I love a bottle of luxurious shower gel* and body lotion*, and it’s even better when it’s from a brand that cares how it makes your skin feel. Jurlique’s body products are divine, the gentle, soap-free shower gel formula cleanses your skin without stripping, drying our irritation. The Restoring Shower Gel (£18) is not your typical shower gel scent though, but it’s got a clean, fresh, earthy fragrance from the blend of lemon, geranium, clary sage, chamomile, liquorice, and rosemary extracts.
The one product in my beauty regime that I find a chore to use it body cream/lotion/butter, so it needs to be quick to dry. Restoring Body Lotion (£29) is the same scent as the Restoring Shower Gel and I can confirm that it’s fast-absorbing and quick-drying, exactly what I look for in a body lotion. It includes avocado and macadamia oil for it’s rich, moisturising properties. The 300ml bottle is going to last me at least 6 months, I reckon!
Both of these body products are free from parabens, silicones, PEGs, artificial colours and fragrances.

Have you tried anything from Jurlique before? Read more of my Jurlique blogposts here.

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  1. You know I have such a soft spot for all things Jurlique and my they must make up at least 50% of my skincare collection. Their products just agree so well with my skin. I am excited to get my hands on this new collection – I had no idea about it. I need all the anti ageing help I can geT

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