Molton Brown have done it again. They’ve created an incredible new collection designed to transports you to the very place the collection was inspired by. 
This Summer, Molton Brown are taking us to the high seas to experience the coast and fresh sea air… Honestly, for me, this is as close as it will get to a holiday until next year (probably! But I wouldn’t count on it, I haven’t been abroad for 7 years – who’s counting?! I’m not being entitled, by the way, I know how that must come across. I’m the first to admit that I’ve developed a fear of travelling since my last holiday. I try to avoid but I know I’m missing out big time. Meh… I’ll get over it).
No matter how long it has been since I’ve been on holiday, I still remember the smell of being by the sea. It’s just one of those smells that brings back memories.
Molton Brown The Seabourn Collection

Molton Brown The Seabourn Collection

This Summer, Molton Brown have collaborated with award-winning luxury cruise line, Seabourn to launch The Seabourn Collection* which consists of four limited edition products in two bespoke fragrances; Immerse Samphire & Eucalyptus (bath and shower gel, and body lotion) and Inspiring Basil & Vetiver (shampoo and conditioner).
We can all assume that the Inspiring Basil & Vetiver shampoo and conditioner smell aromatic and delicious (because come on, it’s Molton Brown!) but I want to draw your attention to Immersive Samphire & Eucalyptus Bath and Body duo. 
I was dubious about Eucalyptus scented bath products; I like it but sometimes it can be too minty to the point of medicinal. There’s no danger of that here. Nothing too minty or too medicinal here.

Molton Brown The Seabourn Collection
Instead, the luxurious blend of samphire picked from the French Atlantic Coast coupled and eucalyptus sourced from Beijing with cardamom, cedarwood, mint, and bergamot creates a scent that reminds me of being by the seashore. 
When you smell the fragrance straight from the bottle, you get an ever-so distinctive smell of salty sea air and marine notes, you can almost picture the sun twinkling on the surface of the seemingly calm ocean. But the aroma softens as you lather in to skin. The eucalyptus is strong but it’s more of a fresh lemony-mint! Applying the body lotion (£25) after using the shower gel (£22) boosts the fragrance for a longer lasting scent. 
Molton Brown The Seabourn Collection

Discover The Seabourn Collection which is is available now on the Molton Brown website.

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