Just when you thought that apples were just apples, Pink Lady® comes along and proves us wrong! I often have press releases ping in to my email inbox about the Pink Lady®  campaigns, they’re creative, positive, and meaningful. I feel very lucky and excited to be involved with their latest campaign.
Making my own candles | Apple scented soy wax candles

Making My Own Soy Wax Candles

Following the success of their Make It Possible campaign which encourages Pink Lady® fans to take some time away from the chaos of daily life to reclaim some important me-time and try something new. 
The latest project, Pass It On has the same elements rooted in and it is me all over. I’m all about self-love, self-care, and embracing a new skill. I love nothing more than pushing myself out of my comfort zone, the sense of achievement is so much more rewarding! It’s what builds my confidence and gives me strength!

making my own candles, apple scented soy wax candles
I love how Pink Lady® newest campaign recognises (and celebrates) that every woman has a valuable skill or talent that can help to benefit someone else and to bring a group of people together to teach each other a new experience is an extremely positive message to put out there. 

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In the Pass It On project, there were 4 skill category; Craft, Beauty, Illustration, and Food. Each of us had to create a kit to pass on to another person. Mine was beauty, so I put together an “At-Home Beauty Parlour” kit to pass on to the lovely Emma Block.

making my own candles, apple scented soy wax candles

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The parcel that was then passed on to me was from the crafts category. I BLOOMING’ LOVE CRAFTIN’ – this is just perfect! Claire from Claireabellemakes assembled a gorgeous candle-making kit for me to make my own apple-scented soy wax candles. If you know me, you’ll know that I really like candles (I have a large collection of around 60 candles stored inside a box in my living room… 60 and counting!) so I was very excited to finally learn how to make them.
I’ve watched YouTube videos on how to make candles before but I haven’t gravitated towards a tutorial that makes my want to try it. It seemed complicated and I didn’t want to get it wrong.
But Claire explained each step so clearly and it made the process less daunting! Don’t get me wrong, it was challenging at first, but once I got in to the swing of things, I found the experience so therapeutic that I think I’m kind of obsessed with making candles! I used to make things all the time but it has been 4 years since I did anything crafty, so I’ve caught the creative bug again.
making my own candles, apple scented soy wax candles
The kit included: a glass jug, a candle wax thermometer, blocks of pink dye, apple scented fragrance oil, soy wax chips, several empty candle tins, wicks, wick pins, and a couple of sweet treats for me to enjoy while I make candles! It was certainly a nice way to reclaim some me-time on a Saturday morning!
I started with the smallest candle first, so if there was any mistakes to be made, then only the minimal amount of materials were wasted. Luckily, everything went smoothly (nothing was wasted!) and I confidently continued making the other 5 candles! My little sis even made one to take home. 

making my own candles, apple scented soy wax candles
The only issue I came across whilst making the candles was that the surface of the soy wax didn’t set evenly. There were small cracks and dents where the wick was but practise makes perfect! I will investigate why the cracks occurred and how I can prevent this from happening next time. I tried re-melting it with a hairdryer but the wax splashed everywhere (haha!), it also made the surface look bumpier than it was before! 
But all in all, the apple scented soy wax candles turned out great! I’m well chuffed! (I’m well chuffed I haven’t burned myself or made a mess… apart from the odd splash of wax on the wall. NEVER MIND, that doesn’t count!)
making my own candles, apple scented soy wax candles
making my own candles, apple scented soy wax candles
It gave me a sense of achievement, a feeling I hadn’t really felt for the past couple of years. Things at work aren’t really that creative – not in the true sense where you can explore creativity and produce something different – I’m sure everyone in ‘the real working world’ can empathise! Almost all of my friends from art college and uni have a side project that keeps the creative juices flowing, and I think that’s REALLY cool.
making my own candles, apple scented soy wax candles
I enjoyed this project and it made me feel positive. I never shy away from learning a new skill and now I can tick candle-making off my list! 
If you’d like to make your own candles, my babin’ gal pal from Evermore London has a ready-made kit that you can buy here. Making candles is SO MUCH fun but don’t just take my word for it, I highly recommend you try it for yourself!

 Have you learned any new skills lately?

This blogpost is sponsored by Pink Lady®. However, all words, opinions, styling and photography are completely my own.

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