hellofresh subscription food box
Well, this isn’t my usual type of flatlay, is it?! Today’s blogpost is going to be about food. Forget beauty for a moment, food is actually my favourite topic.

I used to be really good at cooking and sticking to a meal plan but for the past 4 months, I’ve found myself raiding the fridge or cupboard after getting in from work at 7pm. Oven chips, jacket potato, pasta salad, tinned soup and a couple of slices of toast… pretty boring, tbh. 
I don’t actually like how convenience food taste, but it is just that. Convenient. It has become habit because there’s no one here to judge me but also because I really am pushed for time on the evenings (I know, timing isn’t a good enough excuse to eat crap!) but I’m ready to break out of it.

hellofresh subscription food box

Cooking Made Easy | How To Make Dinner Time Exciting

HelloFresh*, a subscription food box, was something I had heard about from other bloggers. This is how I’ve been getting brand new information for the past 5 years… bloggers are so quick and on-the-ball. HelloFresh was something I was intrigued about; what’s not to love… a delivery of fresh produce to make delicious, healthy meals. But I was wary about how fresh HelloFresh fresh produce could be (tongue twister). Turns out… it is very fresh!

hellofresh subscription food box
I got to try it and I couldn’t be more impressed. You’ve got to try it to believe it. The box contained bags of portioned-out produce with meal and dairy in a separate, specialty insulated bag with environmentally cooling agents. No worries there.
fresh ingredients from hellofresh

You can check their website or app for the meal selections based on which box you’ve chosen. Then you’re sent the ingredients for that meal.
There’s The Classic Box (meat eaters), The Veggie Box (for vegetarians) and The Family Box (which includes child friendly recipes). There’s also a number of meal options to choose from but I was given 3 meals (which feeds 2 people per meal – double portions for me!) at £34.99 (delivery was free) and the recipes were: Turkey Katsu Curry, Crispy-Skinned Chicken Noodles, and Spicy Beef Tostadas. 
katsu curry recipe
When you subscribe to the service, you can pick the recipes from a weekly menu. As a novice cook who hates to follow instruction, I did pretty well to make ~ACTUAL EDIBLE MEALS!~ (See pic above for photographic evidence). I made that Katsu curry. Me. I made that. I KNOW. I made Katsu curry and it didn’t look like brown slop. How did I manage to do that?! I’ve seen Katsu curry recipes floating around but I’ve never had the nerve to attempt it, but it was the most easier meal I have ever cooked! Looks pretty decent too, right?!

Made the kitchen smell amazing too.

katsu curry recipe
In fact, HelloFresh made me feel like I was an amazing at cooking, haha! When all I did was follow the easy-to-follow, idiot-proof recipes. It felt like a good way to ease me in to cooking again.
I’ve been obsessed with this service and I’ve been telling everyone I know about HelloFresh! Dinner time has become exciting again (no more tomato soup!).

Crispy Skinned Chicken Noodles with Asian Pesto
HelloFresh makes it so simple, and it works out at approximately £5 per meal, per person. The ingredients are all measured out so that means NO WASTE! Hurrah!
Every Monday when I go to my parent’s house, we always umm and ahh about what to have for dinner – and we usually end up ordering pizza or a curry. Very unhealthy and it makes us feel so sluggish afterwards. But I’m going to subscribe to HelloFresh so I can cook for the family all by myself. Like, a meal that actually looks appetising, ha! It’s a great way to try something new every week too. Plus, it’s less daunting cooking for 4 people when it’s this easy. 
– – – – – 
If this sounds like something you’re interested in, click this HelloFresh link for 50% off your first and second box! It only works with that link, and the discount should be applied automatically. 
And if you end up subscribing, let me know what you think and share a pic with me via Twitter or Instagram! I love #FOODPORN!
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