Those of you who read beauty blogs on a regular basis will have definitely spotted Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection causing a fuzz on social media at the beginning of the year. 
I am very late to the peach party but I managed to get my hands on the product I wanted to try most from one of this year’s most talked about beauty collection so far.

Too Faced Sweet Peach: Is It Worth The Hype?

As you may have noticed by the strong presence of Too Faced gracing the pages of my blog at the moment, I have fallen for the Sweet Peach Collection. 
The eyeshadow palette was first launched last year and it made a happy comeback, along with a few other peachy treats! 
Being Chinese, I think the packaging immediately appeals to me. There is a MASSIVE market for cute and kitchy things in the Far East, one look at Korean beauty products and you will totally get where I’m coming from; the cuter, the better. There’s a huge customer base for brands who market themselves in the way that Too Faced does.

I got my little mitts on four of their Sweet Peach Creamy Peach Oil Lipgloss* (£16 each). The gloss promises a creamy, silky, smooth gloss infused with peach oil, peach essence, coconut oil and vitamin E.
It smells like peach and (apparently) it tastes like peach but I have a weird thing about ingesting lip products, so I can’t comment on how it tastes. When I have reviewed lip products in the past, I’d get asked how it tastes and it honestly never even crossed my mind, haha. 

What I can vouch for, though, is how smooth and hydrating the Too Faced Sweet Peach Creamy Peach Oil Lipgloss are. I am impressed with them! And to answer the original question, the title of this blogpost, they are worth the hype. 
I’m fussy with lipgloss but I appreciate that lipgloss have come along way since way back when, and all the beauty brands are formulating their glosses to claim that they’re non-sticky and non-gloopy!
(from top to bottom: Peach Tease, Pure Peach, Poppin’ Peach, Peach-sicle)
There are 8 peachy shades available… which I know from looking at the photos that they look the same. But I promise you, they’re the same but different! Not vastly so but the difference is noticable once applied on lips.
The shades are:
Pure Peach (peachy pink)
Peach Fuzz (peachy nude)
Papa Don’t Peach (spiced peach)
Peach-sicle (creamy peach)
Peach, Please (coral pink)
Poppin Peach (bright peach pop)
Peach Tease (electric pink)
Tickle Me Peach (watermelon)
For my skintone, Peach Tease, Poppin’ Peach and Tickle Me Peach are the best shades. Whereas the nude tones like Peach-sicle and Pure Peach don’t suit me as much.
Sweet Peach is here to stay as part of Too Faced’s permanent collection (YAY!). It is available to buy from Too Faced website or through stockists such as Debenhams and Selfridges.
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