The beginning of Spring has been good to me.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter this year! The week running up to Easter was rather busy so the 4 day weekend couldn’t come any quicker. I think we all needed it! 

Usually, Bank Holidays never have any effect on me, I work through it and I’m sure anyone who is self-employed will relate to this, but I took 2 out of the 4 days off over Easter – to do nothing but watch TV, eat, and sleep. I am a workaholic so doing nothing for two days made me feel antsy and guilty, but sometimes we need to step back and let the ideas come at ya. Which is exactly what happened.

As you can see from the photos and my Instagram, I overindulged this Easter, more so than I did during the Christmas holidays so that’s saying something, isn’t it! My skin and mood is starting to suffer for it, I need to detox after this.
Here are some of the memories and highlights that I want to remember from this year’s Easter break!
Last week was my niece’s first birthday party. Apart from being in denial that a whole year has wizzed by, we had a lovely family get together. The amount of food I scoffed at the party definitely set the tone for the rest of the Easter holidays (uh oh).
My niece’s birthday and my sister’s birthday is 3 days apart (sorry, bank balance!) and it is a “tradition” of ours to spend the day in a UK city. Last year’s was York and this year was our fave place, Newcastle. 
Whilst in Newcastle, we had lunch at an urban Taiwanese style cafe called Meet and Treat. If you’re nearby, you definitely need to go there! 
I’d heard so much about this place via social media, and I knew we’d love the food so it was our first stop. In my opinion, a lot of places in Newcastle often leaves me disappointed. They’re are all about the style without the substance, but Meet and Treat is consistent, and delivers on the asian urban concept and the quality food too. 
We tried lots of the small plates including Korean BBQ ribs, lemon grass pork, and chilli chicken. I also ordered a chicken satay (SO YUM!) but I’ll definitely try to Teriyaki next time. 
There was a great selection of drinks but I couldn’t resist the S’more Hot Chocolate. I told you that I proper indulged this Easter!
A birthday isn’t a birthday without cake. Taking the short trip to the Quayside, we made a visit at The Great British Cupcakery. It was between the GB Cupcakery or Mason + Rye at the Fenwick foodhall. Dessert-wise, I prefer the choice at Mason + Rye, but both places are super beautiful and we fancied a more traditional tea and cake in celebration of my sister’s birthday, so we made our way to the Quayside. 
After being so full from lunch, we shared a couple of cakes between the four of us. Bearing in mind that we needed to make room for dinner and cocktails at The Alchemist later that evening… Honestly, I think I’m still full from that day and it was last week!!

In 2012, I was gifted a red card from Krispy Kreme which gives me 12 x dozen selection boxes for free. I know… it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever received as a blogger. I’ve made it last for 5 years, though, and I still have 3 boxes left to redeem.

My manager at work has gone on holiday for 3 weeks, so on her “last-day-but-not-really-her-last-day”, I bought Krispy Kreme doughnuts for our team. 
For Easter Sunday, we had a home cooked roast dinner and it was SOOOOO good. I went for the honey glazed ham with all the trimmings. It felt like Christmas dinner but without the side portion stress!
After all that food and sugary treats, my skin feel a bit rotten and my body and mind sluggish. Even though I’ve had such a lovely week, I’m starting to regret it now but I am going to promise myself to get less junk food!! 

Hope you’re all off to get start to Spring too!

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7 thoughts on “The Beginning Of Spring

  1. All of that delicious food! We tried so hard over the weekend to be healthy (still attempting to shift this Honeymoon weight!) but we failed miserably. We did manage a mini hike at Gibside, but the good work was undone there with a Sunday lunch in Northumberland!

    Ah well, no regrets – you can't enjoy a four day weekend without a bit of food!

  2. I hope you had a great time celebrating with your family and relaxing! Your niece is so cute! It all seemed so fun and colourful on your Snapchat.

    You work so hard so don't feel guilty for relaxing for a bit!


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