Soaper Duper might seem like the most normal looking body care, but what if I told you that this is the new beauty range from the creator of Soap & Glory? Have I got your attention now? Let me tell you more!
Soaper Duper

Soaper Duper – An Honest Beauty Brand

I should point out that Soap & Glory was bought by Boots in 2014 and that Soaper Duper is not a sister brand of Soap & Glory nor is it connected in any way other than they were both started by Marcia Kilgore.

Marcia Kilgore founded Soap & Glory in 2006, built it into a super brand before it was acquired by Boots. She is a strong business woman who has many other beauty related businesses to her name. And one of her new ventures is the fabulous Soaper Duper!

Upon first impression, the design of Soaper Duper* packaging is usually not my thing and if I saw it on the shelves of Tesco, I wouldn’t look twice at it. But knowing that it’s Marcia Kilgore’s latest venture, my ears have pricked up. Soaper Duper has my full undivided attention!

Knowing how inspirational of a woman Marcia Kilgore is, I am fascinated by all the brands that she has created which includes Fit Flop, Bliss Spa, and most recently, Beauty Pie.

Soaper Duper

The witty vibe of Soap & Glory has been carried over to Soaper Duper, it’s not as obvious but the wittiness is there if you look out for it.
With it’s strong copy and big claims, Soaper Duper deserves our attention. Confidently claiming that they ‘make the best naturally derived bath and body products of the 21st century’, Soaper Duper formulates with real ingredients. Their main range are: Shea Butter, Zesty Lemon, Zingy Ginger, Zuzu Fruit & Fig, and Green Tuberose.
Soaper Duper
The products come in the forms of body wash, body butter, hand cream, hand wash, body scrub, and body lotion. All formulated with plant derived foaming agents, natural oils, natural butters, skin-friendly preservatives with NO Parabens, plastic microbeads, sulphates, phthalates, mineral oils, artificial colours, or animal derivatives. They are a super transparent company so you can find all the honest answers to any questions you may have in their FAQs.

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Not only this, but their brand mission is to respect the environment and reduce the creation of new plastic – so I now understand why their packaging is the way that it is.
AND – as if that wasn’t amazing enough, they also contribute to WaterAid and Clean The World to help give access to safe water in the World’s poorest communities. By 2019, Soaper Duper will give WaterAid and Clean The World at least £150k and 20k respectively. 

Soaper Duper
I had heard, first hand from the people that have worked closely with her, that Marcia Kilgore is the most amazing business woman with the greatest of ideas but it seems like she really has kicked it up a notch with Soaper Duper. 
Soaper Duper is available in Tesco stores nationwide and prices start from £5.00 for a hand cream, £6.50 for a huge 500ml body wash, and the most expensive product in the range is the £10 body butter which comes in a 300ml tub.
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3 thoughts on “Soaper Duper – An Honest Beauty Brand

  1. I saw these in Tesco a few weeks ago, they caught my attention due to design etc. I think it's brilliant that Soap and Glory (long term fan too) have ventured into something different. I'd love to try some of these 🙂

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