Body Fantasties body mists launched in the UK last year, and ever since then, I’ve been keeping an eye on their Instagram to see when they’re releasing new fragrances. Their US account has all the scents and I was hoping that Cotton Candy would be one of them.
body fantasies body mists

Body Fantasties Launch 4 New Fragrances

My dreams have come true because Body Fantasies have launched Cotton Candy n the UK, along with 3 others – Kissing In The Rain, Vanilla, and Pink Sweet Pea Fantasy. This is in addition to their first UK launch. What’s even better is that the new range comes in a larger 236ml bottle!

body fantasies body mists

Kissing In The Rain*

This is rather apt for the month of April Showers. And I’m sure there’ll be plenty of those – especially up north, I can guarantee it (*groan* the bloody rain, eh!). Kissing In The Rain is fresh, fruity and floral to cheer me up on those wet, rainy days – but mainly to capture the fragrance of early spring flowers misted by gentle rain! It has notes of orange, water lily, and sweet honeysuckle… plus spring rain accord, whatever that may be!


Classic vanilla! Or is it?… Upon first sniff, it smells like a plain vanilla. It’s pleasant and exactly what would expect, but it has notes of frosted tangerine, Hawaiian pineapple, Tahitian vanilla beam, vanilla musk and caramel candy. Tell me that doesn’t tempt you!

body fantasies body mists, body fantasies cotton candy

Pink Sweet Pea Fantasy*

I love the appearance of sweet pea, my Mum used to plant them in our garden and the delicate pastel petals would looks so pretty. I don’t remember the smell of them, but then again, I have a phobia of plants so I tend to keep at an arm’s length – but I trust that the smell just as pretty as they look. Body Fantasies Pink Sweet Pea Fantasy is (obviously) the most floral fragrance out of the four. It’s scent is a combination of cyclamen and passion flower, warm musk, crisp grapefruit, fruit raspberry and zingy passion fruit. 

Cotton Candy*

This needs no introduction! It’s my favourite, I love anything to do with cotton candy (or candy floss, even!). It’s sweet but it’s actually not sickly. The sweetness is balanced out with sparkling raspberry, strawberry, vanilla and soft caramel.
Body Fantasies body mists are available from Superdrug in store and online. The 94ml retail at £3.99 each, and the 236ml bottles are an online exclusive and retails at £8.99 each.
Which one of the four do you fancy the sound of?

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2 thoughts on “Body Fantasties Launch 4 New Fragrances

  1. Oh my god I love Body Fantasies sprays! They're my favourites. I'm so excited to hear they've released some new additions. I'll have to check them out for sure x

    Lauren |

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