There’s a lot of science and years of research that goes into developing each of the unique product in the Perricone MD range. And along with the price tag attached, it’s safe to say that Perricone MD are for people who are really serious about skincare. Like, seriously serious.
I’ve enjoyed every products I’ve tried from this brand (with the exception of one) and they’re always quite interesting to learn about. Due to proven results, it has been one of the best skincare I have ever used, my favourite being Chloro Plasma, a gel-to-clay face mask with mini capsule pearls filled with of chlorophyll. It makes your skin look and feel AMAZING. You can’t put a value on the confidence that good skin gives you. 
But I’m not here to talk about Chloro Plasma today (you can find the review here, though).
perricone md skincare
I have introduced three Perricone MD skincare which I have been using every day for the past month; a cleanser, a ‘Cold Plasma’, and a face cream. 
I was gifted these products as part of a trial and I actually don’t usually accept products on the terms that it’s in exchange for guaranteed blog coverage but I am genuinely a fan of this brand – anyone who has tried Perricone MD before can vouch for how truly effective their range of skincare is. I know I’m really lucky to be in this position to try such amazing skincare.
As always, gifted or not, this absolutely does not effect my opinions – I write for my readers, not for the brand and I stay true to that. In fact, the other thing that swayed me to take part in this outreach is that the brand has encouraged an honest opinion. Can’t say fairer than that.

perricone md skincare Nutritive cleanser

Nutritive Cleanser*, £36.00

What they say:
Scientifically formulated to help treat deep lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, loss of elasticity and sun damage.
What I say:
This is an anti-ageing gel cleanser which lathers up in to a light foam. The foaming is not surprising since it lists SLS as quite high up in the INCI, so I wondered if it would dry my skin out. I personally don’t like that SLS is the 3rd ingredient listed, but I know it’s not uncommon for gel cleansers. SLS it’s known as a drying ingredient that can irritate skin, so I have to be careful with gel cleansers. I’m normally very anxious about trying them because there’s a big chance that it would cause dry patches on my face which would lasts for up to a fortnight. I’ve been opting gel cleansers since the new year, so I felt like I could jump in and use this with a favourable result, especially as the Nutritive Cleanser is made for normal to dry skin.
The Nutritive Cleanser does what it promises; cleanses skin, removes make-up, washes away impurities. It features Alpha Lipoic Acid which lifts impurities without stripping the natural oils of the skin. With it being anti-ageing, it’s a massive bonus too. It takes care of reducing fine lines and large pores.
The formula leaves skin smoother and visibly more radiant. But… there’s a but… results wise, the cleanser is fine. It’s more than fine, it’s great. But I’m really unsure of the scent. It smells like a really strong baby powder. Like, really strong and really powdery. It’s not bad and it’s not enough to put me off as it’s not unpleasant, it’s just very overpowering which makes it difficult to use in the mornings when my senses haven’t quite woken up properly! In the INCI, it just states ‘fragrance/parfum’ which is a pet hate of mine, so there’s no definitive answer to what the scent is (for now).

perricone md skincare cold plasma

Cold Plasma*, £129.00

What they say:
One of their best-sellers, Cold Plasma is a daily nutrition for healthy, glowing skin. It addresses the 10 visible signs of ageing which are: wrinkles, enlarged pores, dryness, loss of smoothness, discolouration, impurities, loss of radiance, uneven skin tones, redness, and loss of firmness.
What I say: 
Cold Plasma. It sounds so sci-fi, doesn’t it? Cold Plasma is a best-selling product and now I know why. It’s expensive, but like I said, it’s for people who are really in to skincare on another level. Granted, this is usually someone of an older demographic as this targets signs of ageing. I tick about half of the visible ageing signs as listed above – mainly enlarged pores, impurities, redness, and loss of radiance. At 32, I’d say that I’m in the right age bracket to start using Cold Plasma.
As this is a treatment product that you’d use before moisturiser, I’d class Cold Plasma as a creamy gel-like serum. It’s one of those WOW products that you get rather attached to and I love using this because I know it works. If my skin feels haggard and dull after a long day, Cold Plasma is designed to target those concerns. It’s almost like it gives you a shot of nutrition to your skin.
One of the things that is starting to bug me are the enlarged pores on my face. As soon as I hit my 30’s, BOOM, HELLO PORES. WTF. That’s probably down to years of not using a toner. Probably.
I’ve noticed that this is the biggest difference and although it’s not the worst thing in the world, it’s kind of getting me down. I don’t know how to prevent them, I guess that’s just one of those things you get with age (ugh). Thank goodness for primers and foundation!
Using Cold Plasma for this past month hasn’t shrunken my pores but I think my expectations are too high. I’m expecting for enlarged pores to disappear completely and for my skin to revert back to how it was when I was in my late teens and early 20s but the reality is that that’s not going to happen! All I can do is trust that products like Cold Plasma are tightening, firming, and smoothing in all the right places.
perricone md skincare nourishing moisturizer

Nourishing Moisturiser*, £62.00

What they say:
Hypoallergenic and scientifically formulated to deliver anti-ageing solutions for sensitive skin. Features olive polyphenols to deeply moisturise and hydrate.
What I say:
This moisturiser hits all the right notes; hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic (doesn’t block pores), paraben-free, fragrance-free, and contains no mineral oils. The rich but gentle cream keeps the skin looking plump, hydrated, youthful, and healthy. 
The formula includes olive polyphenols (an antioxidants from the olive fruit and olive leaf), neuropeptides which restores elasticity to firm sagging skin, and a powerful form of vitamin E to protect from environmental factors. 
The Nourishing Moisturiser preps your skin for the day and a thin layer of it is suffice. Any more than a thin layer and my skin becomes too oily by the end of the working day. That shine isn’t a good look for anyone! But it goes to show how hydrating this face cream is.
This is the second face moisturiser I have tried from Perricone MD, the first being Photo Plasma, and Nourishing Moisturiser is definitely better suited to my normal-to-sensitive skin type. If it had SPF in it, it would be the most perfect face cream.
perricone md skincare

Out of all the Perricone MD products I’ve tested in the time that I’ve been blogging, the two the I recommend are Chloro Plasma and Cold Plasma for it’s effectiveness.
Have you tried Perricone MD before?
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