Unlike yesterday’s blogpost (SJP Stash), I have something a that’s a little easier on the purse strings. But first – the title; The body mists won’t actually going to transport you back to the 90’s. For £3.99 per bottle, it can’t make you smell nice AND give you a free ride back to the 1990’s (unfortch). Not physically, anyway, but it might take you back in memory, though. In fact, I know it will.
It has been absolutely yonks since I have used So…? Body Mists! Not because I don’t like them but they don’t seem to be in the aisle that I go to when I’m shopping. Teenagers nowadays are using expensive brands (lucky them!) but back when I was a teen, all I knew was So…? and Impulse body sprays. 
Every month, I was excited to get a brand new scent and it was a beauty product that my friends and I were using. A spritz in-between lessons, at lunch times, and after PE… I think it’s safe to say that ladies my age will remember how trendy it was to have a bottle of So…? in their school bag!
so...? fragrance body mists

Body Mists That Would Transport You Back To The 90’s

So…? have recently launched a new collection of scents for Spring which includes: Rose Petals, Sparkling Tea, Pink Grapefruit, Iced Melon, Musk, Vanilla, Floriental, White Petals, Fresh Musk, Vanilla Milkshake, Watermelon, and Fruity. There’s one for everyone! At at £3.99 for a 100ml bottle, that’s not bad at all!
I picked a few fragrances that I wanted to try, I wondered if it would take me back to Year 7 — circa 1997. It evokes nostalgic memories of a time when I was listened to The Spice Girls on a walkman, read Smash Hits Magazine, AOL IM, ying and yang choker necklaces, hair mascara, and all that good stuff, but the scent of the new body mists are more modern, more fresh. Thank God for that.

so...? fragrance body mists
They’re probably more aimed at younger people but I think they’re an affordable option for everyone no matter the age. I like having a few bottles dotted about in my flat; one in the bathroom and one on my work desk. I also like to mist the spray in my room before I get in to bed too!
Vanilla Milkshake* is such a fun fragrance, it has creamy notes of sweet vanilla with a surprise mix of peach and plum
Sparkling Tea* is my favourite out of the three, it’s a clean green tea blend with zingy bergamot and mandarin for a refreshing twist.
Iced Melon* is a great Spring/Summer scent! It’s a juicy aroma of melon and cucumber – cool, fresh, and fruity!

so...? fragrance body mists

You can buy the 100ml Body Mists by So…? from Superdrug, Boots, and Sainsbury’s for £3.99 each. Which one will you go for?

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5 thoughts on “Body Mists That Would Transport You Back To The 90’s

  1. My daughter loves Hollister and Victoria's Secret body sprays but they're very expensive so when I saw these in Superdrug (I think they were imon a buy one get one free offer at the time) I bought her Fruity and Watermelon. They're lovely. I didn't realise there were so many different ones, and will definitely try some more. I fancy a few for myself.

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