Lidl's Denim Collection 2017

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I’ve been looking for the denim jacket of my 90’s dream and would you believe it, I finally have it and it’s from LIDL! 

Lidl have recently launched a denim collection* which consists of dungarees, shirts, dresses, tops, jackets, jeans, and even shoes! Clothes from Lidl come up big and I’m a little on the short side so the dungarees and dresses are too long – the jeans are also too long (damn you short legs!!) but that can be easily fixed by simply rolling up the hem… or even cut off and left that way, since the ripped look is so ‘in’ at the moment.

denim shirts from lidl
But the shirt and denim jacket are my favourite pieces in Lidl’s denim collection. I have the denim jackets in a size 12 – normally, I am a size 6, so I was worried that it might be too big but it’s actually perfect. Like, PERFECT. That slightly oversized, slouchy look gives is a 90’s vibe and because it’s a few sizes to big, I can wear a chunky knitted jumper underneath it too. It’s so ideal.
Lidl's Denim Collection 2017
denim dungarees from lidl with stripy top
Growing up in the 90’s and early 2000’s, I was really obsessed with denim. Who wasn’t! I even made a bag out of denim in my textiles class. I was inspired by Dior’s Saddle Bag. OF COURSE. If I wasn’t going to own a Dior Saddle Bag, I could at least have a good attempt at making one in my GCSE textiles class.
I’d love to tell you that it was then when I discovered a hidden talent for making bags… but let’s just say that the dream of having a career as a bag designer ended there.
But denim jackets were my thing back then, I wore mine with everything and even swapped my school blazer with a denim jacket as soon as it was warm enough. My best friend and I had the exact same jacket; we bought it at Miss Selfridge at the same time and we denim’d it for the Spring/Summer school term of 1998. We both had long dark hair, and wore the same school uniform (obviously) and as we were joined at the hip, we totally looked like the twins from The Shining but DENIM STYLE.
I dunno, we thought we were really cool or something.
But it was cool at the time, I promise, but if I wore that jacket now, I’d fit right in as a 5th member of B*Witched; it was fitted and it looked like I was wearing a size too small because or how tight and cropped the jacket was, and was tapered in at the waist. I will never fall out of love with denim but it’s interesting to see how styles have changed over the years.

Lidl's Denim Collection 2017
slouchy denim effect tops from lidl
I don’t know why double denim was frowned upon and considered as such a fashion faux pas back then because now we can’t get enough of it. 
Thanks to Lidl, I’ll be wearing quadruple denim from now on! What? You don’t want to join me in this trend?… People will be wearing quadruple denim in ten years time. You heard it here first!…
denim dresses from lidl
Lidl's Denim Collection 2017
Lidl’s Denim Collection ranges from size 10-20 and it is all under £12:
Ladies Stretch Jeans, £7.99
Ladies Dungarees, £9.99
Ladies Denim Jacket, £11.99
Ladies Denim Shirt, £7.99
Ladies T-shirt, £4.99
Ladies Shoes, £5.99
Lidl's Denim Collection 2017
Lidl's Denim Collection 2017
What’s your verdict on Lidl’s Denim Collection? Will you be checking it out at your nearest Lidl store?
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  1. Oh my goodness! The collection actually looks great! I'm loving the jeans and the shoes <3

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