A Spring 2017 Lush Haul

A Spring Lush Haul

Just as predicted, I managed to make my previous Lush haul that I bought over the winter month last until Spring. To me, Lush bath products are truly a treat and I am overly previous about it, I keep them for ages until I bring myself to use them. I only use a couple of bath bombs per month, I can never be one of those people that uses 3 bath bombs at a time, let’s just put it that way.

A Spring 2017 Lush Haul

I went in to Lush just to “have a look” but I have no willpower when it comes to Lush left the shop with a lovely floral print paper bag full of following bath goodies!


The heart-eye emoji is one of my most-used emojis, so when I saw this bubblebar, I had to have it. It’s definitely one that stands out and I hope that Lush make more emoji-inspired bubble bars, that would be amazing!
Lovestruck has a zing, you can immediately smell the lemon when you draw it towards your nose. This citrus note is softened by the floral, earthy scents of geranium and petitgrain oil. As with all bubble bars, I’ve quartered it (poor emoji) so that I can get four baths out of it. A quarter of this bubblebar creates such a huge mountain of fluffy bubbles!


MUM BATH BOMB from lush
This bath bomb has the word MUM emblazoned on it and is obviously part of their Mother’s Day collection. I’m not a mum but that didn’t stop me from buying it! The scent of this reminds me of Barret’s Refreshers Fizzy Sweets so it takes me back to my childhood (they were one of my favourite sweets as a kid, along with Chewits!) 
This bath bomb is made with Sicilian lemon, sweet orange oil, and rose oil. It’s a fast fizzer and it contains a message inside that says ‘THANKS MUM’. Personally, I think it should have contained a meaningful quote, one that is short and sweet, but it’s still nice to get that little surprise message even though it’s not relevant to me. Although I knew this bath bomb is designed for Mums from first glance so I shouldn’t critique.


Ok, so this one isn’t part of the Spring range, but when I saw the little red hearts in the Lover Lamp bath bomb, I recognised it from their Valentine’s Day range and I knew it would disappear off the shelves soon, so I snapped one up while I still had the chance.
I don’t normally buy uncoloured bath bombs because I think that part of the fun of using a bath bomb is how the colour changes the water. I like the novelty aspect of Lush products more than the benefits it has for skin. 
The red hearts in Lover Lamp are made of cocoa butter and as they melt away from the bath bomb, you can leave it floating in the water or rub them on to your skin to moisturise. 


Oh my, I had an important meeting this week where I had a slight mishap whilst presenting my work, I accidentally muttered the words ‘Oopsy daisy‘ and I floated out of my body and had a Hugh Grant in Notting Hill moment. “No one’s said that for 50 years, and then it was just little girls with blond ringlets.” I replayed in my mind
If I use this Ups-A-Daisy bath bomb, maybe it will make me forget that moment instead of having it replayed in my mind over and over. It’s not the most embarrassing thing to happen to me but cringey moment aside, I love the look of this daisy-shaped bath bomb. It’s colourful, it smells great, and it will create some swirly bath art. It features  orange oil, rose absolute and an earthy rosewood oil. It is another one that’s part of Lush’s Mother’s Day collection so stock up if you’re a fan of this one, it won’t be around forever.

What are you current favourite bath and shower products from Lush?
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4 thoughts on “A Spring Lush Haul

  1. Everything lovely! Mum bath bomb and LoveLamp are the product winking at me.
    Weird to say, but I'm not a lover of emoji, thus I think I'm going to skip that one during my next Lush trip 😉

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