As mentioned in a recent blogpost, I have made the decision to lessen the consumption of meat and although I am not a vegan or vegetarian (yet), I am keen on continuing to educate myself on minimising the impact our lifestyle, as a society, have on animals and the environment. 
10 Vegan-Friendly Beauty Recommendations

10 Vegan-Friendly Beauty Recommendations

Diet aside, I’ve also been thinking more and more about vegan friendly beauty products – something that we can all do. I’ve even found a website which lets you double check if the ingredients are vegan friendly.

With the help from other people, I have been recommended many vegan friendly beauty brands (that contains no animal byproduct as well as being cruelty free). I’ve even found an ingredient’s checker which checks whether a product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, which is a really useful website. 

I’m building up my vegan friendly beauty product section which will be an ongoing thing, and I have many more amazing product recommendations to add to it, so please do come back and check.


10 Vegan-Friendly Beauty Recommendations


Dietox is known for detox juices and take on the brand mission that their goal is to make the best version of yourself. For a brand that cares about what goes in to your body (their cold pressed juices contain a nutritional dose of fruit, vegetables, superfoods and vegetable protein), their beauty range is one that I will immediately trust. 
I try not to obsess over cellulite or marks on my skin, it’s just one more unnecessary issue to worry about when it’s actually perfectly normal. Having said that, I will be concerned about my body when I have to be, for instance, when I know I’m about to go on holiday and want to look the best I can in my swimwear, then I may consider using firming beauty products. These things are always very short term solutions but it’s certainly comforting to have them as an option.
Dietox’s reducing cream* and firming oil* are great to prep you for summer skin. Also as part of Dietox’s newly released natural organic cosmetics are: Purifying Shampoo, Repair Rescue Conditioner, Scrub Gel, and a Flash Serum – with prices starting from just £12.


This has been my favourite hair masque for the past 13 months, it makes your hair feel so soft but also manageable as well. The 10 benefits of Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex Hair Masque* (£12.99) include: anti-ageing, colour protection, hydration, anti-stress, softening, deeply conditions, restores shine, revives, and strengthens. It’s shea butter but for your hair and it works on the thickest of hairs.


I keep calling this the ‘burrito’ balm but it is indeed called Buriti Balm* (£20), made with Buriti Oil which is high in nutrients to nourish and soften skin. It has a buttery texture that melts in to skin. Pai is a gorgeous brand and it’s products are formulated with sensitive skin in mind. 
If you suffer from dry skin and is prone to sensitivity, then I would recommend checking out Pai’s Buriti Balm which can be applied to hands, nails, feet, elbows, body, and lips. It’s a hard worker, this balm! And one that you don’t want to be without if you have dry-skin woes.


10 Vegan-Friendly Beauty Recommendations


You might remember this Good Things* cream based anti-blemish serum from my winter skincare routine blogpost. It retails at £5.99 so for a ‘serum’, it’s extremely affordable. The main feature of this is that it’s anti-blemish so it treats spots and prevents a break-out with it’s liquorice and willowbank extract formula. It’s reassuring to have a product like this on hand and since I’ve been using it on an evening, I have had less spots!


This gel lotion from Embryolisse* (£24.99) can be used on it’s own or under face moisturiser to plump, protect, and smooth your skin. It doesn’t absorb as well as I’d like so it requires a good 5 minutes for it to settle before applying make-up. The formula is developed to hydrate, diminish the appearance of fine lines, stimulate collagen, and protects skin for UV, pollution and fatigue. The radiant finish comes from the mother of pearl pigments.


What did I ever do before beauty oils?! How did I ever cope? I swear by oils now, it’s such a quick and easy fix for problems like dry skin and diminishing scars.
The Jojoba Company is a family owned Australia beauty brand that grows their Jojoba plants on their farm. They believe in producing quality products that are pure and promises no nasty chemicals – no excuses, no compromises. If only every business can take on this honesty and transparency. 

The packaging  of the jojoba and rosehip oil* (£16.95) is lovely and the product even more so. It’s a smooth oil that treats parched skin and keeps it intensely hydrated without leaving a greasy film. You can use it on it’s own either on face or on body, or add a couple of drops in to face cream. Jojoba and rosehip oil is also great for treating marks and scars.


10 Vegan-Friendly Beauty Recommendations


Transparent lipliners are a genius idea. A twist up lipliner pen is even more so! Put those two together and you’ve got Know Cosmetics No Bleeding Lips* lipliner! You don’t have to match the shade of this liner with your lipstick of choice because it has no colour pigment in it.
It is quite waxy but it does the job of keeping your lippy within the lines. It’s available at Superdrug and retails for £8.33.


This works in the same way as Benefit’s Gimme Brow in that is adheres fibres to hair and skin. Lord & Berry’s Must Have Tinted Brow Mascara* (£14) thicken the look of your brows in a very natural-looking way, but it doesn’t work as well on sparse brows as well as it does on full ones. 
I like to use this after I’ve filled and drawn my brows, the tinted mascara just adds a little bit more depth as well as setting the hairs in place.



These balms from Dr. PawPaw (£6.95 each) which I use on lips throughout the day are fab, the formula is made with natural fermented pawpaw. I’ve been using them all winter long and I don’t know what I’d do without it. As well as the clear original balm and the tinted red, they’ve recently launched a tinted sparkle in red and a peach pink version. The sparkle one reminds me of the 90’s because it the flecks of glitter embedded in to the plastic tube packaging! But I am not overly keen on using the product itself due to how large the bits of glitter is in the actual balm. However, the other 3 are AMAZING.




Locally based company, WhiteWash Labs* is your one-stop shop for all whitening dental care. I’ve been trying to whiten my teeth (without paying to get them done professionally) and they’re nowhere near as white as I’d like them to be yet.
I do like this whitening range much more than the other ones I’ve tried as it feels like your regular dental products. They encourage a regime of flossing, rinsing, brushing.
I’ve seen other blogger rave about this range which was developed by UK dentists, and with great results too. I’ve noticed that I haven’t quite had the same level of results as other bloggers but I also heard that our teeth will only go so white naturally so maybe I’ve reached my limit and the only thing left for me to do is to get them professionally whitened (which isn’t going to happen because a) lack of funds, and 2) Sensitive teeth).

My favourite thing about this brand is their Brush For A Brush initiative; For every brush that is sold, a toothbrush is donated to a child in need.

10 Vegan-Friendly Beauty Recommendations

Please check out my other beauty recommendation that are suitable for vegans.

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