Rough, winter skin. What can I blame for that? 
Well, there’s the obvious; adjusting to the bitter cold weather and central heating. The hard water at my parents house didn’t help. But you know what? I’ve got an inkling that it might just be the dairy consumption over the festive season. The festive season which starts earlier and earlier each year, and hasn’t really ended… I’m currently proof-reading this post with a Maltesers share-bag in my hands.
A Skincare Routine For Dry, Winter Skin

My Current Winter Skincare Routine

What I eat never used to effect my skin but now, if I so much as glance at a cube of cheese, my skin breaks out. And it’s never just the one blemish. Oh no. As soon as one rears it’s ugly head, a few others decide to pop out and join in. 
As well as experiencing dry skin which is irritating but normal for this time of year, there was a cheese and chocolate (and late nights) induced break out to contend with. Self-inflicted, of course, but seriously, can I be tempted to a reach for bit of cheese and chocolate? Yes. And was it worth it? Yes.
A Skincare Routine For Dry, Winter Skin
The main problem area was around the chin, but once it hit January, it started to clear up (funny, that!) and here are some of the skincare products that have helped my skin to improve during Winter (minus the blip in the last two weeks of December. Because Christmas. Doesn’t count).

• My Morning Skincare Routine •

A Skincare Routine For Dry, Winter Skin

Step 1: Nuxe Rêve de Miel Gel Cleanser (shop link)

Nuxe is such a great brand and you can find almost anything you need to suit your skintype. I’ve been using this gorgeous Reve de Miel Gel Cleanser* which includes honey and sunflower for a softer feeling skin. I use a small amount in the morning to refresh and lift without that drying, tight sensation that I’ve experienced with a lot of other gel cleansers. It’s gentle, smells like honey, and it’s a nice perk-me-up to start the day.

Step 2:  Roger & Gallet Beauty Vinegar (shop link) and/or Purelogicol Intelligent Toner (shop link)

Roger & Gallet’s Beauty Vinegar* is one of the best skincare products I’ve ever used. I’m half way through it and it’s very likely that I’ll repurchased but if not (because I have A LOT of skincare already) I have Purelogicol Intelligent Toner to replace it. 
I’ve been using both at the moment, the Beauty Vinegar smoothes the texture of my skin, removes residue from cleanser and make-up, and generally gives me my skin a nice glow whereas the Purelogicol Intelligent Toner tightens, lifts, and shrinks pores.
Searching for the perfect toner for my skin has been a bit of a mission. I’ve spent a lot of money finding one that doesn’t dry my skin out, and the Intelligent Toner by Purelogicol* seems to be going well so far. I’ve been using it for 2 months now and have had no issues. I think the might be down to the fact that the toner is that it’s actually a unique gel formula, and that’s why it’s more hydrating and balancing than other toners I’ve tried.

Step 3: Jurlique Activating Water Essence (shop link)

This is an extra step in my skin which I introduced in to my routine about 5-6 months ago. You only need to use 3 or 4 drops of it, so the 150ml bottle should last ages! Jurlique’s Activating Water Essence* has replaced the rosewater that I had finished. I love both but I think I actually swaying towards the water essence a little bit more. 
I apply the water essence after the gel toner has settled, and when you rub it in the palms of your hands, it goes silky like a very fine moisturiser, and simply pat in to skin for a lasting hydration throughout the day. I find that it protects and hydrates my skin when it’s cold and needs more than just my face cream.

Step 4: Philosophy Take A Breathe Eye Gel Cream (shop link)

There is caffeine and barley leaf in Philosophy’s Take A Breathe* gel cream formula which wakens up the eye contour and claims to increase the oxygen levels in the skin to revitalise the delicate area. I am lucky that I don’t have puffy or dark circles, so I can’t say for sure whether it brightens up the eye area… but what I love about this eye cream is how it feels.

I’ve used many eye creams lately that leaves a residue and it clumps up when I go to apply eye make-up. This one sinks in and absorbs within a minute. It is oil-free too, and ensures the eye contour is moisturised during frosty days.

Step 5: Neutrogena Hydra Boost Water Gel Face Moisturiser (shop link)

If you have extra dry skin, I recommend this brilliant Hydra Boost Water Gel* moisturiser by Neutrogena (£12.99). It feels like water and is so light on skin. If you’ve ever tried Clinique’s Moisture Surge gel cream, it’s very similar – I’d say that it’s a pretty good dupe for considerably less. 

• Evening Skincare Routine •

A Skincare Routine For Dry, Winter Skin

Step 1: SAMAYA Vata Hydrating Cleanser (shop link)

SAMAYA’S Vata* all-natural formulation is created to cleanse and purify with it’s rich yet gentle balmy cream that melts on skin to remove dirt and make-up. It has a combination of powerful, botanical key ingredients such as manuka honey, rose flower extract, rose geranium oil, aloe leaf extract, and turmeric root oil to name a few! 

The product is beautifully packaged and the brand philosophy is such a hook. They put emphasis on finding the perfect balance in a busy world. Such a treat to use in the evenings.

Step 2: Roger & Gallet Beauty Vinegar

Just as the morning routine, the second in the evening is the Beauty Vinegar. This closes the pores after cleansing.

Step 3: Good Things Anti Blemish Overnight Clearing Serum (shop link)

At £5.99, this Overnight Clearing Serum* serum is affordable AND effective. It’s free from parabens, mineral oils, SLS, and all the other nasty chemicals. If an affordable brand can do this, the high end brand have no excuse. The is a cream based serum which I apply before face cream and with my skin breaking out, I couldn’t be more grateful to have this serum at hand. It’s anti blemish power comes from licorice and willowbark extract. Keeps the spots away!

Step 4: Antonia Burrell Bright & Light Eye Cream (shop link)

I tried a pre-launch sample of Antonia Burrell’s Bright & Light Eye Cream* in the Summer but I wasn’t given much information about it. It came in a small little bottle with a pump dispenser, and I made the assumption that the final product would just be a bigger version of that. How wrong was I! 
It’s actually a rollerball which is unusual for a cream. The metal rollerball stimulates the blood circulation so I use this around the eye area before squeezing the cream on to my skin. It’s quite rich, so only a tiny bit is required. I find that the rollerball doesn’t help the cream to absorb so I just pat it in with my fingertip. Active ingredients include: Meadowfoam extract (softening), at oil (soothing), White Bird of Paradise/Strelitzia Flower Extract (brightening), Pomegranate & Orange Blossom Peptides (anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle, firming), and beetroot extract (long lasting hydration).

Step 5: Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream (shop link)

So, this night cream has avocado in it. Say no more. I’M SOLD. Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream* is a soft, buttery cream that soothes and restores your skin while you sleep. Tests and trials have revealed that this cream reduces wrinkles by 22%, and dryness by 85.7%. Impressive stats! And also, I heard through the grapevine that this is one of Cara Delevigne’s fave skincare products. If it’s good enough for Cara, it’s good enough for me.

• The Weekly Treatments •

A Skincare Routine For Dry, Winter Skin

Looking back on my Summer skincare routine that I blogged about in August of last year, I realised that my recommendations for the weekly treatments haven’t changed, so I’ll keep this short.

I really do LOVE these two products and they’re the first ones I go to when my skin is acting up. This is because of how gentle the scrub is, and how softening the mask makes your skin feels.

Scrubs are a tricky one during Winter, you don’t want to use anything harsh that would irritate you’re already irritated dry skin. As I only use an exfoliating treatment 1-2 times a week, I tend to choose a different one each time. Sometimes it’s a resurfacing face peel, sometimes I’ll go for a coffee scrub, but one that I’ve come to trust is Madara Exfoliating Oil-To-Milk Scrub*, which I’ve been using for months.

There are no microbeads in this, the particles are of a natural wax. As soon as it touches water, the oil turns in to a delicate cleaning milk to help you scrub away the impurities.

Always follow a face scrub with a face mask to help close the pores, restore the condition of your skin and most important, to reduce the risk of a break out too. I’ve got loads that I’m using on a weekly basis but I just can’t keep away from Nuxe Masque Creme Fraiche de Beauty. A part of my face had an uneven, rough and scaly texture (I suspect that would be due to the hard water at my Mum and Dad’s house over Christmas) but this face mask smoothed things right down. It’s amazing!

I have loads of face scrubs and face masks but these two are my faves, but I will try and remember to recommend a couple of new ones next time I do a skincare routine, which will likely to be in 6 months time when it’s Summer. Summer? Sunshine? Oh yeah, what’s that?…

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6 thoughts on “A Skincare Routine For Dry, Winter Skin

  1. Such a great round up of your current routines. I sadly didn't enjoy the Nuxe cleanser much as it was far too fragranced for my liking. I love the sound of the Jurlique essence…I've been using a couple of essences this winter and my skin has been loving it xxx
    Sal | UmmBaby Beauty

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