I got my hair cut recently and OMG it feels so good! 
After having a bad salon experience last year, I waited for my hair to grow (along with my confidence) before going back but I eventually plucked up the courage to book an appointment and I’m really glad I did.

3 Hair Products That Adds Volume & Create Messy Texture

It was one of those things that I kept putting off and now that I’ve been and done it, it feels great. It’s incredible how much hair effects someone’s confidence, but I’ll never take it for granted. I’m glad to be feeling like myself again.
More importantly, I’m so pleased to have low-maintenance hair. Now it’s shorter, all I need to do is wash it, blow-dry the roots, scrunch the ends with my hands and leave it to dry naturally on it’s own. A bit of styling product helps it along the way to give it some hold. For added texture and more control, I like to use the following three products:

L’Oreal Techni Art Morning After Dust*, £12 (shop link)

This is perfectly fine to use as a dry shampoo, especially on ‘next day hair’ to revive the roots and refresh in-between washes. It has a nice, light fragrance and it doesn’t leave a powdery build-up on the scalp. I’ve been using this for a few months as a dry shampoo, it absorbs oil without that icky, chalky residue. But as well as the convenience factor of a dry shampoo, it’s also a fantastic product for boosting volume at the roots. It’s not the kind of big volume that you get when using a traditional, standard hairspray but it gives a little bit of a lift. 

L’Oreal Wild Stylers Techni Art Next Day Hair*, £14.99 (shop link)

You know when next day hair is just easier to style? Well, this mineral powder fixing spray has a fine diffusion emulates that to make it more manageable when you’re styling your hair. Used on dry hair as a finishing touch, it tames fly-aways, adds a texturised effect, and a piece-y, tousled finish. It feels natural (a non-sticky, matte finish that can easily be brushed out), so no worries about the spray making it feel crunchy or dry.
L'oreal Wild Stylers Techni Art Beach Waves

L’Oreal Wild Stylers Techni Art Beach Waves*, £11.95 (shop link)

I’m really in to that messy, just-rolled-out-of-bed-look – and on occasion, when I’ve accidentally slept in, I actually go out with literally rolled-out-of-bed-look. Because y’know. I just rolled out of bed, but we’ve all done that, right?…
When my freshly curled hair needs more texture, I use a salt spray to style it instead of hair spray for a more natural look. Salt spray is especially great for beachy, loose waves, but I sometimes use it on straight hair too – it adds texture, so it’s not limp and fluffy.
Just a few sprays on either damp or dry ends will do, I’d say about 5-6 spritzes all over for an effortless mermaid-hair goals! Any more than that and your luscious locks will feel rough and tangly. 
Have you tried any of these hair products from L’Oreal?
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