In one of my previous post about doing something thoughtful and spreading positivity, I mentioned how I love finding quirky items and collecting things that I think my fave girls will like, and send them surprise parcels, for no particular reason, just because. 
Because of how happy it makes someone to receive a surprise present.

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There’s no better reason than that ??
Taking The Stress Out Of Gift-Giving, smileaway gift boxes

Taking The Stress Out Of Gift-Giving

Personally, I really enjoy putting gift boxes together for people I know and love. In fact, it doesn’t have to people that I know. In the jobs that I’ve had in the past, I would always be the one to jump at the chance of packing gift boxes and goody bags for clients, customers or prize winners. Even though it took slightly longer, I’d wrap them and make the package look as lovely as possible. Presentation is sooo my thing and if you were ever a customer of the jewellery shop I use to run a few years ago, you’d know this to be true. 
But not everyone has the luxury of time to do that, and that’s where Smileaway* comes in to make gift-giving as easy as possible.

Initially, Smileaway may seem like ‘just another beauty subscription box’ – and the idea is really quite similar in the sense that you can sign up to a monthly box. However, to me, the difference between Smileaway and Birchbox is that the focus is much more on gifting as opposed to testing beauty samples. 

Taking the stress away from gift-giving, Smileaway curates beautifully presented themed gift boxes that contain enjoyable treats. This ranges from chocolate to cashmere gloves to beauty products to candles! I think I even spotted a book in one of their previous boxes.
Brands included in Smileaway boxes so far have been: Laura Ashley, Neom, Chanel, Elizabeth Arden, Korres, and Prestat Chocolate.
smileaway monthly gift boxes
I received the December box to try which was the perfect chance to do a ‘girls night out’ theme. This edition contained: Soap & Glory Hand Maid, Soap & Glory Righteous Butter, Dr Scholl Party Feet, L’Oreal Elnett, Altoids mints, and a handbag hook.
The pro of using type of service is that it’s hugely convenient from packing, wrapping, and dispatching; Smileaway handles all that from their end. The slight disadvantage, (coming from someone who is a bit of a control freak), is that you’re not in control of what each box contain, but you just have to put your faith and trust in Smileaway that they will create the most amazing, thoughtful gift boxes each time. 
silver handbag hook
In the past, I have actually gifted Glossybox to a friend for her birthday before but had Smileaway existed at the time, I would definitely have gone for this instead. I always thought that Glossy box was a bit stingy with their contents but that isn’t something you need to worry about with Smileaway, they take it up a notch with decent size products. 
You can opt for different subscriptions which are monthly (or a one-off box; remember to cancel after the first month), 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. Prices vary depending on which subscription you go for, but they start from £16.95.
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