Stunning Home Fragrances That Are Made In London

It knew it wouldn’t didn’t take me long to blog about my first candle of the year. Candles have played a big part of my winter so far, as it has made it 100% more bearable. I have a couple of small ones firmly planted on my coffee table, a tea light (in it’s Yankee Candle gold star tea light holder) by the TV, and a big jar on sat on my window sill. 
In a small way, it has changed my attitude towards winter – an entirely new notion for me – but for the first time (in forever), it has actually made me look forward to it getting dark. 

Before Christmas, my gal pal from the home fragrance brand, Evermore London sent me a lovely surprise parcel; An Evermore gift box containing their new glass cubed candle, a room spray, and organic potpourri. All handmade and hand crafted in small batches.
In the gift set that’s available on Evermore’s website (£38), it includes a travel tin candle instead of the cube glass candle. The tin candle burns for up to 30 hours so it’s still a pretty decent size candle.

Orange & Cinnamon Soy Wax Candle

Orange & Cinnamon Soy Wax Candle
This certainly reminds me of the festive scented candles from The White Company, especially Winter, except if you want something extra special and more unique (and made by a small independent British business), Evermore is the alternative option. It’s made with soy wax and organic essential oils with a cotton wick so it burns cleaner which is an important element for me. 
Orange & Cinnamon is one of the best combinations and this stunning scented soy wax candle is perfect for those who want to prolong the festive season for a bit longer. 
It has a top note of sweet orange, middle note of cinnamon and silver fir, and a base note of amber. All blended to make a warm and citrusy scent, and burns up to 50 hours. It is currently on sale for £17.00.

Rose Room Spray

Rose Room Spray
Up until now, I’ve been using Soap & Glory body spray as room sprays because I’ve got so many bottles of it in the gift sets I received for Christmas in 2015 and 2016 (my flat constantly smells of Soap & Glory. Soap & Glory 4 lyf) but I am glad to have a fragrance mist that’s actually made purposely as a room spray! 
I have this rose scented room spray (£12.00) at my work desk, next to my Diptyque Eau Rose perfume AND a giant tube of Jurlique rose hand cream – all three of which smell very similar to one another (I just really like rose scented beauty products, ok?!)  Rose room spray is a delightfully floral, fresh fragrance; reminds me of a bouquet of red roses bouquet or a rose garden in the Spring. It is made with rose geranium essential oil, rose and grapefruit floral water, and witch hazel. SO NICE.

Violet Organic Potpourri

Organic Potpourri
I am most excited about this because I haven’t used potpourri since forever! Well, not since Christmas 2013, anyway! 
This lovely pot of violet potpourri (£10.00) contains rose buds, rose petals, and lavender. It’s delicately scented with warm and earthy violet, patchouli, and Asian amber to last for up to 3 months, but once the scent starts fading, I will boost the fragrance with the rose room spray!

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All of these products can be purchased individually or as part of the gift box on Evermore’s website. Use code FREEDEL40 for free delivery on orders over £40.
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