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I am a big bath person. By that, I mean I like baths in a big way. I like big baths and I cannot like. You other brothers can’t deny.
lola's apothecary bath products
My sister and I were talking on the phone the other day. She’s stressing about uni and we were discussing things that could help her de-stress, and she said ‘I know what how you chill out. It’s a bath, isn’t it?’.
Little sis knows me well. She is 100% correct. If I’m upset, or have had a bad day, the thing that calms me down is having a good soak in the bath. It doesn’t work for everyone (our middle sister can’t stand ‘bathing in yer own filth’ as she calls it) but for me, it works wonders. Every time. Every single time, without fail.

lola's apothecary bath products, luxury bath products
Maybe it’s because I’m a very simple person but I do love a nice cup of tea and a hot bubble bath, and I’ve come to the conclusion the bath has magical powers or something. It has the ability to fix (almost) anything that’s going on in my mind so that I can think clearly again.
Got a cold? A bath will help you feel better.
Muscle pain? A bath will fix that.
Feeling annoyed about stupid boy dramas? Bath.
Had a mega stressy day at work? BATH.
The feeling of wanting to strangle someone because Photoshop unexpectedly shuts down and you didn’t save the work you’ve spent 2 hours on? …Go on and have a bath.
Want to cry because you’ve run out of tea bags and milk? Well, there are some things a bubble bath can’t fix!
lola's apothecary bath products
During my 20-30 minutes of bath time, I catch up with YouTube on my iPad and basically reset. It’s my evening ritual. All I need is a relaxing pamper session and I’m right as rain! I continue with work or house chores afterwards but at least I’ll be doing it in a better frame of mind.
lola's apothecary bath products

Lola’s Apothecary

This is why Lola’s Apothecary is perfect for someone like me. I was gifted their Inner Light Ritual Delicate Romance set* which contains a box of goodies to help ‘honour your inner light with a sensuous bath’.
Didn’t I tell you that this gift (and the entire brand) is right up my street!
lola's apothecary bath products

Luxury Bath Products

Lola’s Apothecary is an award winning beauty brand based in Devon in England that emphasises wellbeing. It’s such a well thought out brand from top to bottom and it is such a joy to write about. I can not fault it. Everything about Lola’s Apothecary is stunning.There are several products in their range plus lots of beautiful gift options. All bearing the vintage, whimsical, romantic styling theme running throughout their branding and packaging design. You can imagine how beautiful it looks placed in your bathroom.

lola's apothecary bath products
Inner Light Ritual Delicate Romance gift set contains a spicy rose scented candle (it’s huge!), and a bottle of Delicate Romance Balancing Bath & Shower Oil (which is infused with rose petals), a mini pack of Rainbows & Whirlwinds tea, and finally, a small pot of Raw Devon Summer Honey. The honey’s for the tea, by the way, not for your bath!The whole box retails for £60, so if you’ve still got Christmas presents to buy, do check out Lola’s Apothecary for something more charming and less-high-streety!

lola's apothecary bath products
lola's apothecary bath products
lola's apothecary wellbeing tea
All Lola’s Apothecary products are 100% natural, and using mostly organic ingredients. It’s also suitable for vegan (apart from Queen Of Roses bath milk which contain beeswax).
I can’t for you to try some things from this beautiful brand!
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