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I’m going to hazard a guess that most of us in the world of beauty blogging will have probably used one or two Nuxe products before. Hard to avoid them, really, since they’re in every single beauty subscription box. Come on, hands up, who’s got a small stash of Nuxe dry oil?

My Top 5 Nuxe Products For This Winter

Outside of beauty blogging, I don’t know that many people who have heard of French pharmacy brand, Nuxe, so I wanted to do a little intro into the brand and recommend a few of my current fave Nuxe products (courtesy of Love Me Beauty – use promo code ‘tempsec20’ for 20% off your next Love Me Beauty box).

Winter Beauty recommendations

Winter Beauty Essentials

Firstly, I would describe Nuxe as the French equivalent of Liz Earle, and I make that comparison due to similar price points and also the prominent use of nature and plant extracts in their formulas. Just by looking at their branding and packaging, there’s no denying that their products are luxurious and high performance. That’ll be the marketing ploy working it’s magic, but the products live up to the ploy. I can vouch for that.

Winter Beauty recommendations

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I have, in the past, used many of their products (mainly the dry oils!) but I am happily working my way through their wonderful range of lotions and potions. Have a look here to see which Nuxe products have already made it on to my blog, but here are my top Nuxe recommendations of the moment:
Winter Beauty recommendations

Face Cleanser: Reve De Miel*

If I could eat this cleanser, I would. It smells really good – sweet but not overpowering – and the fact that it actually looks like honey… well, that alone makes it my new favourite cleanser!
I’m tend to stay away from gel cleansers (often too drying for me) but recently, as I’ve ran out of Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish (cream formula), I’ve taken the chance to switch to a gel formula. Luckily, I have got on well with this Nuxe one!
It doesn’t foam up as much as other gel cleansers I’ve tried before but that’s a good thing as the foamy ones tend to leave my skin with dry patches and a tight skin. In fact, this cleanser is developed for those with dry and sensitive skin!
This honey and sunflower scented gel cleanses your face and removes make-up. Gel cleansers usually make my skin feel dry but as this one had honey in it (which is antioxidant and naturally nourishing), I am glad I decided to give it a go. 
Winter Beauty: My Top 5 Nuxe Products

Face Exfoliator: Gelee Exfoliante Douce*

Say NO to harsh exfoliators, and scrubs that contain plastic microbeads. NO NO NO NO NO. Instead, scrub away the dry, flaky bits with this gentle exfoliating gel (suitable for sensitive skin) from Nuxe which is designed to refresh your skin whilst removing away dead skin cells to reveal brighter complexion. It features a hydrating combination of Rosemary water and Damascena Rose Petal Water to soften the skin.
The particles are made up of 100% botanical exfoliants such as Lychee Seeds and Nutshell powder. As I’ve said before, I like exfoliators to be quite ‘scrubby’, however, the granuals in this is quite sparse, but that’s ok because you can use this product more than once a week. It says on the front of the packaging ‘frequent use’ which probably means 2 or 3 times a week.

Face Cream: Creme Prodigieuse*

A delicate but concentrated face cream featuring Blue Everlasting Flower extract, this protects the skin from oxidative stress. When you’re applying it, it feels and smells like a luxurious product. It sinks in to the skin, doesn’t feel greasy (it actually mattifies) and it keeps skin protected from the cold (and indoor heating) for up to 8 hours. 
Winter Beauty recommendations body scrub

Body Scrub: Gommage Corps Fondant*

Don’t know what I’d do without body scrub. Turn in to a gremlin, probably. I love the feeling of how smooth my skin is after a good scrub! I do love my coffee body scrubs but for something less messy, I have been using Nuxe Melting Body Scrub in the shower. It is divine. Such a treat, a great way to ‘upgrade’ your shower time!
The creamy, melting, moisturising formula is made with 95% natural ingredients and contains grains of different sizes to gently buff away dead skin cells and impurities from the surface. It contains a beautiful blend of almond and orange flower petal making it smells delicious! Just like the face exfoliator, the grains in this body scrub are 100% botanical with no adverse effect to the environment. 
Nuxe Hand and Nail Cream Reve De Miel

Hand and Nail Cream: Reve De Miel

It’s so silly but I spent a large amount of my day typing, and obviously, you can’t help but look at your hands. When I spot them looking a bit ‘old’, I get a bit of a feeling in my tummy as if to say ‘holy shit, I’m ageing’. This is probably why I’ve got hand creams all over the shop. I’ve got at least two in every room, and 4 in each hand bag. Seriously. A winter skin saviour is what hand cream is.
But as well as keeping them looking nice, moisturising your hands prevents the skin from getting dry and irritated. Nuxe Reve De Miel Hand And Nail Cream has the same scent as my favourite new honey cleanser, I can smell this all day long. The spiel for this is that it relieves dry skin, repairs damage skin, and protect them from visible signs of skin ageing. Well, tick all my boxes, why don’t ya! I’m bloody SOLD! 
Featuring ingredients such as Acacia Honey, Chilean Rose, Avocada (er, YUM), and Sweet Almond Previous Oil, this is a dream cream!
Which Nuxe products do you recommend?

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