I spend quite a bit on body stuff, I try all kinds of brands and I’ve got so many to recommend you this month, but one STAND OUT brand-of-the-moment is Seascape Island Apothecary.
Seascape Island Apothercary Natural Bath & Body Products
Hot from winning awards and receiving recognition for their fabulous, effective products (and I’ve been trying a few of them!), I have been really impressed by what Seascape is all about. 
Seascape are a British brand and they use local ingredients from the beautiful island of Jersey. It’s vibe is to transport you to the tranquil isle via their products whether you’re after something to unwind or awaken your senses.

Seascape Uplift Sea Salt Body Scrub

Seascape Uplift Sea Salt Body Scrub* (£17)

This is an award winning sea salt body scrub you’re going to want to try. Posting 4 awards since launching in 2014, it features nourishing pure sea salt and Jersey eucalyptus essential oil, lime oil and Jersey lavender to stimulate, energise, and refresh your mind. It’s a good one to use whether it’s at the start of your day or the end of a tough one.
Seascape Lip Balm

Seascape Lip Balm* (£10)

If you thought that ‘lip balm is just lip balm’ and that any lip balm will do the trick, you’d be wrong. And take it from someone who used to swear by the pocket size Vaseline tins in their teenage years. Don’t know why though, Vaseline dries my lips out like no other. Like, when the vaseline fades, I end up with flakier lips than I started with. 
I’ve gone through so many brands but I’ve finally settled on my favourites which currently include the ever-quirky Crazy Rumors, the multipurpose Dr Paw Paw, and now… Seascape Lip Balm, which contains 100% natural peppermint essential oils, Jersey beeswax, Jersey honey and jojoba seed oil.
seascape awake oil and sleep oil

Seascape Awake Oil* (£10)

I featured this recently in my guide on how to feel more awake in the mornings. Mornings are tough and I don’t drink coffee in the morning, so any product that tells me it will help awaken my senses, I’m gonna need to have it asap! This little bottle of eucalyptus, lime oil, grape seed and sweet almond oil recently won the Bronze Award for Best New Natural Product Of The Year at the Pure Beauty Awards 2016 and it very much deserves it! It doesn’t give you a noticeable buzz (I’d be a bit worried if it did) but it slowly refreshes your senses in the morning. It is a sort of gentle ‘come on, wakey wakey!” as opposed an abrupt “WAKE TF UP’.

Seascape Soothe Sleep Oil* (£10)

I ran out of pillow spray a few weeks ago so the Seascape Awake Oil has replaced it. I have this on my bed side table, and I take it with me when I am staying overnight somewhere. Perhaps it’s a placebo effect but I drift off much easier when I use a product like this just before I hop in to bed. Described by Seascape as a ‘lullaby in a bottle’, applying this to my wrists and temples helps me feel more relaxed and sleep better through the night. The oil contains 100% natural essentials oils of lavendar, grape seed, sweet almond, bitter orange flower, and mandarin orange peel.
Seascape Island Apothecary, Natural Bath & Body Products

I reckon we’re going to see a lot more of Seascape in the near future. For now, you can buy the products from their own website and the following stockists.
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