Cleanse, Peel, Treat with Philosophy Skincare

Cleanse, Peel, Treat

I wrote a blogpost recommending three Philosophy products ages ago (over 18 months ago!) so I thought I’d update with another post. You will be hearing a lot more about Philosophy on my blog this Winter but for now, it’s their skincare that I’d like to chat about today!
purity made simple 3-in-1 face cleanser from philosophy, face wash


The last time I featured purity face wash on my blog was when I received a sample of it in Glossybox. The main reason why I felt a bit funny about it was because I felt tricked by the copy on the front packaging which states ‘purity is natural’. While they might be referencing the definition of the word and and not necessarily the cleanser itself (clever loopholes, y’see), I still felt like I was being tricked as it definitely contained multiple parabens; An ingredient that I don’t want in any of my skin and body care. 
It appears that they have reformulated and Philosophy’s purity 3-in-1 face wash* no longer contains parabens (yay). I don’t know how recent this change is – I can’t find much online when researching, but I can see that some stockists haven’t updated their INCI (ingredients list) for this product. 
However, the one that I’ve got in my hands does not feature parabens. Purity is a 3-in-1 cleanser for face and eyes, It removes make-up, cleanses, and tones – a hard working, easy-to-use cleanser that leaves your face feeling squeaky clean. 
philosophy the microdelivery peel, at home peels, vitamin c peels, the best vitamin c peel


Nothing scares me than using a face peel for the first time. Probably because how facial peel treatments are often portrayed on TV (Sex And The City and Ab Fab instantly spring to mind), is it any wonder I’m a little ‘argh’ about it?!
Peels, with any skincare product labelled along the lines of renewal and resurfacing, are designed to remove the top layer of the skin (don’t panic!) to reveal a brighter and more radiant complexion. 
Last year, for the first time, I tried at-home face peel treatment for the first time with trepidation, but Philosophy’s The Microdelivery Peelsound far too amazing not to try so when I was given advice and reassurance, I felt more at ease to try it. And I’m so glad I did. 
I look forward to a good peel twice a month and my skin looks smoother, healthier and definitely more radiant afterwards. The results are immediate so you can tell straight away whether it has worked for you or not.
The kit comes with a pot of Vitamin C crystals which you gently apply to your face (avoiding eye and lips) to buff away the layer of skin. The second phase is to apply the lactic/salicylic acid to activate the Vitamin C from the previous step.
There is a slight heated tingly when you apply the activating gel against the crystal scrub but this lasts for 1 second and that’s it. It alarmed me at first but it is normal, that one second heat sensation is nothing to worry about.
The whole process lasts for 3 minutes and as mentioned, the results are immediate even after the first use. 
Not suitable for those with sensitive skin. And please remember to use SPF on your face for a week after using skincare containing acid. 
philosophy renewed hope in a jar face cream


Depending on what your skin type is, there are a few renewed hope in a jar face cream that’s suitable for you. I use the standard Renewed hope in a jar* which is suitable for a normal skin type. refines pores thanks to the AHA in it which lightly exfoliates skin. 
It has a lightly whipped texture and massages in to skin with ease and it hydrates throughout the day too. On the packaging, it says that the cream is refreshing but I personally don’t feel that refreshing sensation but I’m sure it’s awakening my skin without me knowing.
Renewed hope in a jar gives a dewy finish to your skin minus the heavy, oily, or greasiness. A great day cream for all year round!
Philosophy Skincare

You can buy Philosophy skincare (and other products in their range) from Boots in-store and online.
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