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Try Kat Von D Make-Up In Love Me Beauty Box

Usually I try not to post about beauty subscription box back to back, but would you have a look at this! Just when you thought beauty subscription boxes had become unexciting, samey-samey, and tired, Love Me Beauty* has hit this one out of the park! 

kat von d beauty in love me beauty uk
This month on the Love Me Beauty menu, you will be able to pick from a small selection of Kat Von D Beauty deluxe sized samples. The contents arrive in a make-up bag just like the last few months. I hope that this is their ‘thing’ at Love Me Beauty, I find make-up bags more useful than boxes (which I already have loads of. And because I am a hoarder of packaging, I end up keeping them all so I have a pile of boxes in one corner of the room!)

I’m sure that a lot of you will be equally as excited as I am about being able to sample Kat Von D Beauty make-up (cruelty free and suitable for vegans) and with the arrival of make-up range finally landing in Debenhams, this will give you a chance to try out some of it for just £10 (get 20% off with code tempsec20).

Kat Von D Beauty Studded Kiss Lipstick in Magick

Kat Von D Beauty – Studded Kiss Lipstick in Magick

Firstly, I am in loooove with the shiny black studded packaging design! This is a natural matte lipstick in a shade called Magick, a dusty pink shade with small, almost-undetectable flecks of shimmer that gives the matte finish the appearance of shine. It’s a lovely shade for every day wear. It glides on, pigmented, comfortable, and long-lasting on lips. The lipstick in full size is £16.
Kat Von D Beauty Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Outlaw

Kat Von D Beauty – Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Outlaw

On trend with all the other beauty brands, this liquid lipstick is pretty perfect if you love a bold, red, matte lip! It applies like a creamy gloss and dries like a matte lipstick. Once it is set, it is transfer-proof. It features moisturising ingredients such as Vitamin E and Sunflower Seed Wax. The lipgloss in full size cost £16. 
Kat Von D Beauty Ink Liner

Kat Von D Beauty – Ink Liner

Liquid eyeliners are possibly my favourite item of make-up. Any kind of eyeliner, in fact! I’ve got so used to wearing it that my face looks weird without it! This thin-tipped Ink Liner is the product that I am the most excited about and I’m sure I will be buying this in full size once the mini one has been used up. It’s very black, very inky in the sense that it’s quite a wet formula so it does have a slightly glossy shine to it’s finish. I think I might buy this eyeliner and also the Tattoo Liner next time I’m at the Kat Von D Beauty counter at Debenhams (both priced £16).

Omorovicza skincare

Omorovicza Rejuvenating Night Cream 

I feel sorry for the rest of the brands on this month’s menu because I think subscriber will make a beeline for the Kat Von D make-up, but I am a skincare junkie so I’m still excited to try these out! For a night cream which cost £110 for the full size version, this sample is extremely generous! I want to dump my current night cream and switch to this one straight away. It is formulated with Apple Pectin for hydration, vitamin A in the form of Wild Carrot, and Hazelnut Peptide for it’s firming properties.

Omorovicza Copper Peel

I really like these at-home peels. It takes about 3 minutes to complete and it leaves you with radiant looking skin. This is a 2-step routine, so you use a generous amount of blue paste on your face to start with. Then you add the lactic acid to activate the ingredients of the paste to give you brighter, smoother skin. Results are noticeable immediately after the first use. It’s a potent blend so use less if your skin is on the sensitive side. Please remember to use suncream after using peels like this and limit sun exposure.

Exuviance skincare

Exuviance Moisture Balance Toner

This toner contains Gycolic Acid which is used as an exfoliator and will help smooth the surface of your face as well as toning your skin. I’ve never heard of this brand before but it looks and sounds great. This anti-ageing, formula has been dermatologist and clergy tested. I look forward to using this, I have such problems getting on with toner. I’m on an ever-lasting search for something that works with my skin long term. Maybe this will be THE ONE.

Exuviance Purifying Clay Mask

There’s enough in this tube to use once but with clay masks, I can usually tell if it’s right for me after one go (or two if I’m using it on my T-zone only). I don’t have a skin type that would fully benefit from clay masks, but I do like any skincare with kaolin in it. It absorbs oil, soften skin, and draws out impurities. One to add to the pamper line up this weekend!

kat von d beauty in love me beauty
Love Me Beauty allows you to select your own contents each month from their beauty menu using points. Sign up to Love Me Beauty and use discount code tempsec20 for 20% off your first month. Check out previous Love Me Beauty boxes here.
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