Have you got a highlighter I can borrow?” is usually how my 18 year old sister greets me. By ‘highlighter’, she doesn’t mean the neon pens, and by ‘borrow’, that’s her way of saying “gonna keep this, yeah?
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But she really likes highlighter. A lot. And so do I but not as much as her.
I always say that in a couple of decades(!) time, maybe girls her age will look back on highlighter the way us 90’s girls look at thin-as-possible eyebrows now? Yeah, probably not. There ain’t no other beauty faux pas than the over-tweezed eyebrow trend of the 90’s…

lily lolo pressed illuminator highlighter powder

New Make-Up From Lily Lolo (Which Are Also Suitable For Vegans)

One shimmery compact powder that Little Sis isn’t going to get her mitts is on this Pressed Illuminator powder I got from Lily Lolo. Nope, this one is ALL MINE!
It comes in a universally suitable-for-every golden champagne colour that looks beautiful and sheen on areas such as the apples of your cheeks, bridge of the nose, under the brow bone, and even décolletage, if you happen to be wearing a low-cut top. Can’t say I’ve ever applied any make-up product anywhere past my chin, but I may give it a go on the next girls night out!

It contains Argan Oil and Pomegranate Oil and is vegan friendly. What I also love about this powder is how easy it is to blend due to it’s silky soft and buildable formula. There’s nothing worse than applying a highlighter that stubbornly sticks in cakey patches where you don’t want it to be causing your face to gleam in the light like a faceted gemstone (not in the good way). This usually occurs when using a liquid formula but for that reason, it is why I have slowly moved on to powders. And the Lily Lolo’s Pressed Illuminator (£14.99) gets top marks from me!
lily lolo 8-free formula nail polish, pink nail polishes
I’m so glad to see nail polish as part of the Lily Lolo’s cosmetics range. These are an 8-Free formula which means it doesn’t contain the following potentially toxic chemicals: Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Parabens or Phthalates of any kind, Xylene, Ethyl Tosylamide Resin.
I got it in three gorgeous shade, each bottle priced at £6.99:-
Carnival (hot pink)
Candyfloss (baby pink)
Soft Coral (nude peach)
They’re really pretty, right? Carnival is my favourite as I am a fan of bright nail colours like this!
It required 3 coats to get full, smooth coverage, and drying time was a few minutes longer than the usual nail polishes that I use, but I’m really patient when it comes to doing my nails! I applied a shiny top coat to seal the colour and it lasted around 5-6 days without chipping.
New Make-Up From Lily Lolo

All four of these cosmetic products are suitable for vegans.

Check out what else is new at Lily Lolo!

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