Current Favourites: Lingerie, Beauty, and Coffee!

ASOS black strappy bra
A more varied ‘Current Favourites’ than usual, just to mix things up a bit. Starting with lingerie!
A few years ago, when I first started blogging about fashion and beauty, I posted a lingerie haul and started to get creepy ass emails which freaked the hell out of me. Since that day, I decided not to feature lingerie. But today that changes.

magenta purple lace lingerie

Freya Lingerie (shop link)

I let the lovely peeps at Freya Lingerie select a set for me and the picked Freya Fancies* in magenta. I wouldn’t usually go for such a garish colour but it actually makes a nice change from the black and white in my underwear drawer. The bralette is a bit on the small side – in the sense that I wish it was more elasticated for the ease of getting it over my shoulder – but once it’s on, the fit was perfect. It was just a tad difficult to get in to.
black strappy bra lingerie

ASOS Becca Strappy Bra

I couldn’t decide whether to buy black or white, so I got both. It’s a bug bear of mine that so many shops sell tops with random bits cut out of it, but now that I’ve got a bra like this to wear with it, I don’t have to avoid them anymore.
I just ordered a top from Topshop a few days ago that’s half backless, so will see how I get on with that with this bra underneath. These types of bras also look great underneath sheer fabric and garments that are low cut. 
I went for the Becca Lace Strappy Underwire (also in white), but there’s also a moulded version which goes up to a size D, and the fuller bust version goes up to a size G. It’s really really comfortable too!
the best coffee body scrubs

Coffee Body Scrubs

Ever since featuring Frank Body’s Coffee Body Scrub, I’ve had a few other brands popping in the post. Decorus sent me their Orange Coffee Scrub (£10.99) which contains orange peel, sweet orange oil, sea salt, and sweet almond oil. Despite containing oils, the texture is dry. As it’s dry, I like to use this one on my face once a week, particularly focusing on the area around my nose. This has an earthy, woody scent with a hint of citrus. For the price of a tub of body scrub from leading brands, this huge bag of coffee scrub is just as good, if not better.
I’ve been using Scrub Love’s Mint Temptation (£12.95) at the gym as it’s fresh and invigorating after a work out. This contains tea tree oil (minty!), dead sea salt, argan oil, and aloe vera to help moisturise your skin. The oil does seeped out in to my gym bag somehow (and that’s what that dark patch is on the top of the packaging), so it’s got more liquid in there than I initially though. I particularly like the polka-dot packaging design on this one, it’s fun and it stands out.
Simply Argan’s Coconut and Vanilla Coffee Scrub (£25) also contains a nourishing Argan Oil for it’s anti-oxidant and moisturising properties. It’s the most expensive one that I’ve tried and it’s the scent that I like the most. Results-wise, it performs the same as the others. Although, my skin does feel slightly smoother… but I don’t know whether it’s psychological? It does smell veryyyy nice though, like a creamy milky coffee or coffee flavoured ice cream with a hint of coconut.
beauty favourite from uk beauty blogger

Avon Perfectly Matte Lipstick in Marvelous Mocha

This really is the PERFECT nude lip shade! For me, anyway! I was never in to nudes or brown lipstick colour before this, and I used to stay well away from matte finishes, but Avon Perfectly Matte has completely swayed me. Lips still need to be prepped with a sugar scrub and some balm beforehand, but the matte finish is more forgiving on lips that tend to be on the dry side than any other mattes I’ve tried.

Bagsy Lip Velvet Soft Matte Lip Colour (shop link)

Bagsy packaging is so dreamy! I’ve only tried two of their products and both have ended up on my ‘favourites’ list, so there’s more to them than pretty packaging! The first is the liquid lipstick in shade 01 No Frills – a pink nude. The formula is light and creamy without feeling sticky cakey. I’d love to buy this in a brighter shade.

Bagsy Heavenly Hands Nourishing Hand Lotion (shop link)

Hand lotion is one of my hand bag essentials and after finishing up my travel sized tube of Hand Food from Soap & Glory (that stuff goes runny and lumpy in the packaging if you leave it too long!), I have replaced it with Bagsy Heavenly Hands Nourishing Hand Lotion. It has a light floral and citrus fragrance (not as strong as Hand Food) but is equally as nourishing as it’s Soap & Glory competitor.
ogario london hydrate and shine shampoo and conditioner

Ogario London Hydrate And Shine Shampoo & Conditioner (shop link)

Since I have been trying soooo many types of hair care (not sure if that’s good for my hair? Probably not ?) but it’s not a ‘current favourites’ without including hair product! I like to try brands that I’ve never heard of before (oh, so daring) and the latest fave is from Ogario London. 
Ogario London is a salon based in Islington, London and they have developed a range of high quality, high perfomance hair care suitable for daily use. After trying their Restore & Shine Lavender and Sage Hair Mask, it was great to get the chance to try the shampoo and conditioner from the Hydrate & Shine range too.
The range is formulated for dry and coloured-treated hair. Honey is used as an ingredient in the shampoo to restore the hair’s shine, and Moringa Seeds for deep moisturising and antioxidants properties (to help protect from damage and pollution).
The conditioner features Tamarind seed extract and Marshmallow to soften the hair. I’ve always been suspicious of when beauty products contain ‘marshmallow’. You immediately think of fluffy, light, sugary, sticky marshmallow (well, I stupidly did, anyway!) but it is infact a plant with a very herbal, medicinal use. Who knew?!
nescafe coconut latte

Nescafe Coconut Latte

I love coffee but have had to give it up (or at least drink it less often than before) because it makes me feel soooo paranoid and jittery. But I do have a stash of these Nescafe instant coffee drinks in caramel latte, double choc mocha, and my favourite coconut latte.
One of my most memorable moments last year was spending the entire day with my sister and friends at Sunday Up Market in Shoreditch and Spitalfields Market, and taking a short walk heading towards Liverpool Street tube station. It was a beautiful Autumn’s day, but the air was fresh and crisp, and I’ll never forget how much I actually enjoyed that cup of coconut milk latte from Starbucks. It was exactly what I needed at the time (the simple things in life!).
The Nescafe sachets doesn’t come close but it’s close enough!
pink starbucks cup from benefit cosmetics

Starbucks x Benefit Cosmetics Coffee Cup

Again, drinking the coconut latte out of my Starbucks cup that Benefit sent me to try recreate that day in London!

Caroline Jane & Co. Fresh Coffee Scented Soy Wax Candle (shop link)

I’ve raved about this candle on Snapchat enough times but it really smells so good! I got it from Etsy for my desk (my etsy deskie!) and sometimes the unlit wax is so strongly scented, I have to put the lid back on.
It is the first ever wooden wick candle that I’ve tried and it’s alarming at first because the flame is so large, so extra caution and care must be taken whilst it is burning. I’ve realised it can’t be burnt at my desk around so many pieces of paper, fabric, magazines, and general potentially flammable shizzle, so it currently sits safely on the window sill.
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  1. Those ASOS are lovely! I have some pastel bralettes with similar cutouts that I bought from Victoria Secret. They look really cute when they poke out of your top. Speaking of VS, that Starbucks coffee cup reminds me of the pink VS bags. lol ♥

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