fashion blogger uk, Polkadot Playsuit
Awkward posing alert! Excuse the awkwardness which I attempted to style out… 
It was down to a small number of factors, really. One being that I was pushed for time and I rushed through it, and secondly, I just felt like a burden on the person who was helping my with taking these photos! I kept thinking that the quicker I get these done, the quicker everyone can get back to doing more important things…

rayban 2447 round

…But these photos are important to me because they are for my blog, and I want everything to nice on here. Always. So lesson learnt. Memo to self: Be a little selfish every once in a while and take your time.

how to wear polkadot playsuit
how to wear polkadot playsuit
I bought this polkadot playsuit in April to wear for my sister’s 18th birthday dinner. A bit different from when I last did an outfit post with a polkadot playsuit 4 years ago (look how long my hair was! I miss it!)

For my sister’s 18th celebration meal, I wore this black and white playsuit with a collared blouse and a pair of ankle boots, but I thought I’d switch it up for a more casual look. As you can see, the casual look consists of swapping the collared blouse for a cute white top with lace detailing and replacing the heeled boots with a pair of black Keds.

keds champion pumps in black
small black backpack
It’s not exactly the most ideal outfit for the Summer as I’m essentially wearing two layers of clothing (plus tights!) but believe it or not, this was the most Summery thing I had in my wardrobe! I haven’t spent any money on Summer clothes but I that had to change since it’s been sooo hot lately. I placed an order on ASOS and Topshop over over the weekend so expect a more weather appropriate outfit post in the next few weeks!
fashion blogger uk, Polkadot Playsuit

Outfit details:
White Top*: Sugarhill Boutique
Playsuit: ASOS
Sunglasses*: RayBan Sunglasses (Round 2447)
Shoes: Keds
Backpack: New Look (similar)
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11 thoughts on “Outfit: Polkadot Playsuit

  1. Hi Sarah, love your outfit posts and I know what you mean about feeling bad when people are taking your photo. I always have a quick check on the camera to make sure I'm happy with the images before calling it a day!

    Your hair length really suits you and looks really cute with the sunnies and outfit. Hope you're well and having a nice Summer 🙂

    Hanh | hanhabelle

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