Summer used to be my absolute favourite time of the year when I was younger (could be, perhaps, something to do with the 6 weeks holiday…) but as I’ve gotten older, I have become fonder of Autumn as the years go by. Let’s face it, with all that rain and grey clouds, it’s half autumn during the summer months anyway!
It’s the come-down from the buzz of summer and it’s the calm-before-the-storm that is Christmas. The leaves turn shades of red, yellow, and orange, the sun beams beautifully like no other time of the year and the crisp breeze in the air reminds us that there’s Halloween and Bonfire Night to look forward to. The noticeable change is quite profound that it feels like a fresh start for all of us.
I have to admit, I spend more money on clothes than any other time of the year because I know it’s got to last me from September through to April. Without fail, every autumn, I buy a new jacket, a coat, a couple of sweaters and jumpers, A/W accessories, and a new pair of boots. Now that the new season’s collections have started to enter the stores, I’ve made a wishlist of a few things that I’ve got my beady little eyes on!
11 Fashion Must-Haves You Need This Autumn
No matter the season, you can pretty much find all of your classic, wearable, staple pieces from Esprit. Their simple yet effortlessly chic designs means you can dress them up or down, for daywear, workwear, and evenings. Esprit are trendy without trying to hard but I love them for being an go-between brand for women my age who just want clothes that are stylish, made well and feels comfortable to wear. 
This Autumn, I would be able to get so much wear out of the cardi-blazer, grey coat, stripy sweater, skinny jeans, burgundy floppy hat, and the large black bag. They are great pieces to mix and match with. Esprit is a fantastic brand if you’re in to creating a capsule wardrobe!
I worked with New Look (very briefly) on an Autumn campaign and became familiar with what they had to offer. The thing that I like about New Look is that it doesn’t alienate their target market and push them out with high pricing. Their designs remain on-trend, non-pretentious, and affordable, and I enjoy shopping in there because it’s not such an overwhelming experience. You get in and you get out – leaving you with a whole bag of new clothes that you’re going to wear for the whole A/W season. Happy customer! I picked the two items for their totally cool 90’s vibe! I used to layer on a black vest over a white t-shirt like Cher from Clueless when she was in her PE class. EARTH TO CHER, COME IN CHER. She will forever be my style guru.
Now this really is a wishful item on this wishlist! At £144, it’s quite the splurge, and realistically, it’s one of those ‘if money was no object’ kind of things, but I thought that the pretty rose gold double heart pendant is a nice new twist on those coin necklaces. The heart shape is more ‘me’, and it’s such a classic piece of jewellery, it would complement every single one items of clothing on this wishlist. Since most of it’s black, it would definitely provide a subtle bit of colour!
How gorgeous are these boots, though! I have big red hearts in my eyes right now! I have something similar from ASOS which I purchased this time last year but they were like, £35, so the faux leather has started to flake off around the buckle and I fear the strap might actually snap soon. If they last for a long time, I may actually consider buying the pair from Ted Baker but I definitely need to track them down in the shops so I can try them on first! I have never spent so much on footwear before but if it’s a pair that I will wear every single day, then it might be worth investing a little more money in them!
Just when I thought I might’ve been over the scalloped edged, peter pan collar, polka dots kinda phase… I see this and I fall in love with that style all over again! There’s no denying that if you followed my blog between 2011 to 2014, I was all about chiffon and peter pan collar. I absolutely loved it. But I think I slowly grew out of it (fashion, ey! So fickle!) but every now and then, a shirt like this one from Sugarhill Boutique comes along and I’m like “ok, sure, let’s do it for old times sake!”.

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