Coffee body scrubs are one of those things (along with coconut oil!) which have taken off! The first time I heard about coffee body scrubs was on Dragon’s Den which might’ve aired last year? Well, I have finally succumbed to coffee body scrubs (it didn’t take long!). 
Besides from branding, the thing that sets each of these businesses them apart is how they communicate their story on social media – which they seem to rely so heavily on for promoting their goods. The new age form of advertising is clearly for brands like these though, I’ve seen new similar brands pop up all over the place in the last few months and frank body* is one of them.
coffee body scrubs, benefits of using coffee body scrubs

5 Benefits of Using Coffee Body Scrub

frank body has caught my (and 689k Instagram followers) attention. And they have been the first ones to introduce me to coffee scrub. Whilst most coffee body scrubs brands only offer body scrubs (well, duh), frank body gives us a whole lot more! They also sell a face scrub, face cleanser, body balm, body cream, moisturiser, and a lip scrub and balm kit!

coffee scrub for lips
If you’re new to coffee body scrubs and you’re not sure which one to try, frank body have a limited edition travel kit* called The Grind High Club which includes four mini pouches of coffee scrubs: Original, Peppermint, Cacao, and Coconut. If you like chocolate, I highly recommend the Cacao one! It smells divine!
benefits of using coffee body scrubs
So what are the benefits of using a coffee body scrub? Here are 5 reasons to start using it right now!
1. It exfoliates
This one’s a no-brainer! The body scrub buffs away flakey skin and removes dead skin cells to reveal a smoother, brighter, and healthier-looking skin. Although it contains essential oils, it’s quite a dry scrub (which is great because it doesn’t leave a residue!) but remember to rub gently on skin to prevent irritation!
5 Benefits of Using Coffee Scrubs
2. It wakes up your skin
Just like a fresh cup of coffee, the caffeine wakes and tones up your skin. The coffee has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties – a great way to pep up your skin in the morning!
3. It reduces cellulite
Caffeine is known to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. Use a small amount and massage slowly on affected areas to stimulates the blood circulation, this will tightening and firming the skin.
coffee skincare
4. Helps relieve skin problems
When another brand of coffee scrub was pitched on Dragon’s Den, the benefits were highlighted and they claimed how much it helps with skin problems such as eczema and acne. 
Both my sister and I suffer from little pimples on the back of our arms (hers are worse than mine) and the affected area has drastically improved since I used coffee scrub! No more chicken skin arm! I am delighted about this as I was never able to get rid of it until now!

5 Benefits of Using Coffee Scrubs
5. No nasties
frank body products does not contain parabens, PEGS, phthalates, sulphates, silicones, mineral oil or glycols. So no nasties at all! Woohoo! They use naturally derived ingredients such as coconut oil, mint extract, sea salt, brown sugar, and cinnamon. FABULOUS!
frank body is available on their website and their travel pack The Grind High Club (containing 4 mini packs) will only be available for a limited time only for £16.95.
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9 thoughts on “5 Benefits of Using Coffee Scrubs

  1. I've been seeing coffee scrubs pop up all over the place and reading through the benefits you listed sound so great! My boyfriend actually has little bumps that appear on the backs of his arm every once in a while so I'm sure he would love to try this to see if this would help minimize those. Definitely some great benefits associated with these!

    Cindy |

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