There are some beauty brands that really steal your heart and can do no wrong. For me, Soap & Glory is one of them. Whatever bath and body product Soap & Glory bring out, I am sure to love it even before I’ve tried it! That’s how confident I am in the brand. Afterall, bath and body is what they do best and you can’t argue with that when they’ve won multiple awards for their amazing products!
Soap & Glory Shower Jelly

New From Soap & Glory | Shower Jelly

When I found out about the new Shower Jelly that Soap & Glory were launching, I was really excited to try them out! I love any kind of product with jelly consistency! I went through a phase of being obsessed with the Shower Jelly from Lush but they are really hard to use. They slip out of your hand and they end up breaking in small, hard-to-use chunks that I worry will block the drain. That always feel like such a waste!
Fret not, because the new Shower Jellies from Soap & Glory come in a large, colourfully packaged tube so you can squeeze out without wasting a single drop (well, blob) of it! 

Soap & Glory Shower Jelly
It comes two scents. Clean On Me*, their best selling Original Pink scent which is rose and bergamot. And Sugar Crush*, their zingy sweet lime fragrance. 
I usually favour Sugar Crush over any other Soap & Glory scents but for the Shower Jellies, I actually prefer Clean On Me. Only because I don’t think that the fragrance of Sugar Crush Shower Jelly is as strong as the body scrub and body butter. 
I popped in to Boots the other day and there was only 3 left on the shelves so they seem be popular with Soaper fans! With packaging like that, the shower jellies really do stand out from the crowd.

Soap & Glory Shower Jelly
The consistency is a juicy gel with a bit of a wobble, which melts upon skin. It doesn’t lather up as much but lather doesn’t really do much anyway apart from dry your skin out.
It says on the packaging that it contains COOLCAPSULE-SMOOTH™ which is a technology that cools the skin – so it’s great for the morning and gym to invigorate. I can’t really comment on whether I can feel that my skin feels cooler as the jelly doesn’t immediately feel fresh on skin but I’m sure it’s a small difference that I will come to appreciate during hotter weather!
I really hope that they expand the range and release more fragrances – it would be cool to see a Smoothie Star one! The large 250ml tubes retail at £5.50 and is available at Boots in-store or Boots online.
Check out my other blogposts featuring Soap & Glory. I am pretty obsessed!
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13 thoughts on “New From Soap & Glory | Shower Jelly

  1. Every time I went to Sephore, I always take a few minutes to admire and test out S&G products because the packagings are so cute and fancy! Btw, I always use Lush shower jellies with loofah. SImply just take a small chunk and rub it within the loofah till it foams up. It really does a good job in foaming haha. Anyway, can't wait to take a look this new S&G in my nearest Sephora! Great post.

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