Towards the end of each month, I usually flag a little. I run out of enthusiasm, ideas, and words. Is that a familiar feeling for you too? But when Birchbox* arrives during the first week of the month, it gets me excited about beauty products again! It’s the little things… 
Birchbox UK May 2016

Birchbox May | For The Dreamers

Having a little bunch of little products to try is one of the little joys that beauty fans experience. And I guess that’s the single reason as to why these beauty box subscriptions have been totally successful. Birchbox has been a firm favourite of mine because they actually introduce their subscribers to high end, luxe, niche brands and I have discovered so many beauty staples because of them. 
The edition for May is For The Dreamers… a box of beauty products that helps you look and feel like a dream. 

rituals body scrub
Rituals Body Scrub
Starting with a mild exfoliator body scrub by Rituals. I adore Rituals, it is a brand that I first used via beauty box and their bath and body products are such a treat for the body. If you’re thinking of upgrading your shower time, make a feeling for Rituals. 
Made with fine Chinese bamboo particles, white lotus and Yi Yi Ren extract, this mild exfoliator body scrub is suitable for sensitive skin. The particles lightly rubs away dead skin cells to reveal brighter, smoother skin. A nice little scrub before applying false tan too!
theBalm Stainiac
theBalm Stainiac gives your cheeks and lips a hint of raspberry red. The colour looks intense in the tiny tube but as it’s a water-based gel-like formula, I knew it wouldn’t come up as bright on skin. 
When I applied it to my cheeks, it gave an extremely subtle hint of colour. I like cheek colours to be pretty bright but happy that the colour is buildable. 
I had high hopes for it as a lip tint but the shade of red doesn’t really show up on me, and it actually made my lips feel a bit dry.

Birchbox UK May 2016
Caudalie Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet
Thanks to beauty boxes, I have sampled many skincare products from the wonderful Caudalie! It’s usually the serum that circulates, so it’s always a YAY when you see that it’s something you’ve not tried before. 
I’ve recently ran out of my go-to Origins Zero Oil face moisturiser and have been searching for a new alternative. Caudalie’s Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet could be the one, it makes my skin feel a lot better than the face cream I’ve been using from Origins. It’s a light, gel-cream texture that keeps skin calm, soothed and hydrated. It is suitable for sensitive-dry skin and is non-comedogenic.
Philip Kingsley PK Prep Polishing Balm
With my hair being a total nightmare as of late (think split ends, flyaway, and those increasing greys), I’ve been trying to use products that would minimise concerns. Having healthy hair is important to me so it’s stressing me out that I can’t keep it under control at the moment. I have to remember that you can sort hair concerns out with all the many products available. 
This little tube of Polishing Balm by Philip Kingsley will help tame flyaway, in the morning and on-the-go. I’ll probably add this to my handbag essentials!
spectrum collection unicorn tears wonder sponge
Unicorn Tears Wonder Sponge
I received a beauty blender in last month’s Love Me Beauty – but I don’t think it was a branded one? It may have been a bonus item in which Love Me Beauty have produced themselves. Either way, it was my first blending sponge and it didn’t really live up to expectations. I used it damp (as recommended) but it just ended up taking my foundation off my face. 
I have heard, however, that it only works with certain foundations. So maybe I was using the wrong type? Anyway – I am very happy to have received a new beauty blender from Spectrum Collections. They have called it the Unicorn Tears Wonder Sponge. How bloody cute!
I’m going to give the beauty blending sponge another try, I am determined to get those flawless results that I see in YouTube videos!
vita coco coconut oil
Vita Coco Coconut Oil
Unlike other coconut oil sachets that I’ve previously tried, this isn’t just for oil pulling/teeth whitening. You can use the Vita Coco sachets however you wish just as you would with the jars. 
I’ve only ever used coconut oil for cooking and oil pulling, and oil pulling really isn’t for me. However, there are SO many ways to use coconut oil such as eye make-up remover, moisturiser for skin and hair, and lip balm. I might buy a full jar and experiment all the ways you can use the magical ingredient!
Birchbox UK May 2016

If you fancy signing up to Birchbox, head over to their site for all the subscription information. It’s £10 per month (plus £2.95 for p&p). You can cancel at anytime.
Check out the previous Birchbox here.
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