I swear it never used to be such hard work to ‘prep’ your bod for the Summer. All you had to do was shave your legs, exfoliate, moisturiser, put a bit of fake tan on and THERE, YOU’RE READY! 
But these days, we’ve got to tone, lift, sculpt… that’s what I hear, anyway. Perhaps it is a blessing in disguise that I’ve not been on holiday for about 6 years, then. I don’t think you’ll catch me toning, lifting, or sculpting any time soon! I guess I’ve always just embraced the way that I am. 

Nip+Fab - Cellulite Fix Body Sculpting Gel
When this product from Nip + Fab dropped into my life, I felt a combination of ‘ugh’ and ‘yay’! Ugghhhhh because it reminded me that I had cellulite but yaaaay because I could now try reduce the appearance of them. 
To be honest, I don’t really look at my cellulite ever and that’s why it doesn’t bother me (ah, ignorance is bliss!). I know I have it and that it’s a perfectly natural thing. I mean, I’m worried enough as it is about grey hair and wrinkles, I don’t really want to add ‘cellulite’ on to my list of things to worry/obsess about. But I will deal with it when I have to…
… So it is really nice to know that if and when it becomes a concern (for example, when I’m wearing a bikini and I’ve got no where to hide!!) then I can continue to use Nip + Fab Body Cellulite Fix to help me out! I am all too aware that these types of products are only to assist us, it’s obviously not a magic potion in a tube every wishes it was. It’s not going to tones you up overnight. Eating healthy, regular exercise, drinking enough water whilst using these beauty products will see the best results.
As we’re all moisturising as part of our daily routine, if the cream just so happens to reduces the appearance of cellulite by smoothing and firming the surface of the skin, then it is just an added bonus. We’re lucky, in a way, to have these products to help us improve the way our skin feels and in turn, making us feel more a bit more confident about our bodies. 

Nip + Fab Bust Fix Night

Ok, let’s just have a little moment here. Little being the operative word. I have small boobs so if there was ever a tube of cream that ‘fixes’ my bust without surgery, then I’m game! 
The pack describes this cream as a ‘super-charge night cream formula to plump the look of the bust and décolleté area’. After looking it up online, I found an article on it in which a lady claims that she went from 32C to 32D after using this for a month. 
Nip + Fab Bust Fix Night is made with ingredients that actively adds volume and fullness to the cleavage.
I’ve been using the cream and can confirm that it does indeed firm the area but I don’t think I’ll be going up one cup size any time soon. The plumping and firming effect lasts for a short amount of time or until you stop using the cream which contains caffeine to improve the texture of skin.

Nip+Fab and their sister company, Rodial, are both great brands for helping you target problem areas. Nip + Fab is the more affordable brand and if you’re interested in trying it, you can check it out at Boots.
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