blue leather bag
I like to do one of these What’s In My Bag blogposts every now and then – not only to show what’s inside my favourite bag – but to actually have a good look at what needs to be thrown out!! I have a habit of dumping all kinds of things in my bag and leaving it for the longest time. Usually the space in my bag is taken up by a bunch of snacks and it’s empty wrappers.


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What’s In My Bag

After cleaning out the grotty used tissues, loose pellets of chewing gum that has escaped from the packet, empty crisps and chocolate packets, multiple sachets of Lemsip (just incase!), old train tickets, a million post office receipts (some of which are so old that the ink has faded off it), I could just about scrub up a half decent brand new blogpost!

blue leather bag

My most recent go-to bag is a small blue number from Ilex London*, it can carry all of my essentials plus a few extras. As it’s so small, I do have to take things out every now and then to make room for daily essentials but here’s what’s currently inside it (minus the snotty tissues, cough sweets, travel tickets, etc – very unblogworthy, but maybe I’ll save it for Snapchat…).

what's in my bag


Lip Gloss Crayon in Lights, Camera, Action from Rosie For Autograph (M&S)
I am so incredibly impressed with the Lip Glossy from Rosie For Autograph* range, they’re pigmented and so moisturising that I don’t even need to use or carry a lip balm in my bag. It’s the ideal sitch! If you haven’t checked out this range yet, make sure you pop to the beauty section next time you’re in M&S.
Luxsit Anti Blemish Gel
I seem to get a spot on the day or the day before something important so I carry a small tube of anti blemish gel to treat it as soon as it rears it’s ugly head. Treatments like are only effective when used straight away. Luxsit Anti Blemish Gel* calms and zaps the bugger away as soon as possible.
L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Dry Shampoo
The packaging that I have is the French version but this is L’Oreal Elvive’s latest range (honest!). The brand new Extraordinary Clay range is causing a buzz in the beauty world and I will be blogging about the range very soon. I’m still in the trial process with this L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Dry Shampo*, I’ve only used it twice, so I’ve yet to gather my thoughts together about this. It goes on invisible so there isn’t that typical chalky, powdery faff but I’m not too sure about it yet as it didn’t absorb the oil on my roots as good as Batiste. I now realise that maybe it’s because I didn’t give the can a good shake before I used it! I will report back!
perfume samples
Several Vials Of Perfume Samples
Ah, I knew those small perfume samples from Glossybox and Birchbox would come in handy! When your handbag is as small as Ilex London’s Harriet bag, you don’t have room for full sized perfumes or body spray. This little bundle includes English Laundry’s No. 7 and Notting Hill, Catherine Melandrino Style De Paris, and Lolita Lempicka.


Chinese Things…
Item on the left: My Grandma left this paper triangle for me in a red packet (lai-see) a few years ago and I don’t know what it is but I think she made it? It’s just a bit of paper in laminate plastic. I think it has some sort of religious meaning behind it, I have no idea – it might not even mean anything at all – but I carry it in my purse. I should really ask my Grandma, shouldn’t I!!!
Middle: The item is in the middle is a gift that my mum bought me from a temple in Thailand or Hong Kong. I am not religious but this pink jade dragon is blessed by Buddhist monks. I have a couple of these but I don’t wear them as jewellery, I carry them in my pocket or my bag for whenever I need a bit of luck (like exams, driving tests, etc). I also take it with my when I am travelling so that it can be a little ‘guardian angel’. It might sound weird but I feel a bit more safe when I have it with me. I really love that it’s a pink jade and not a green one.
Item on the right: It was Chinese New Year last month and I’ve received a few red packets that contain cash in them. Sad to say that I’ve spent the money and the red packets are now empty. *sad face*
what's in my bag
Daily Essentials


Lastly, here are just some of my daily essentials. My phone which currently has a lovely marble effect phone case from Casetify, a (half) pack of chewing gum, a cloth to clean my glasses, a pack of plasters, and my purse!


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7 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag

  1. I love that pink jade necklace, I've never seen that colour before! I had a green jade bracelet but I fell and broke it a few months again 🙁

    Such gorgeous photos Sarah, love the shade of the bag!

    Hanh | hanhabelle

  2. i do love a good what's in my bag! and your bag is so pretty:-) i'm your opposite, i never have anything in my bag and just throw the things i think i'll need on that day in it, haha! xx

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