The Passive Aggressive Adult Colouring Book
As a bit of an over-analyser and serial panicker, I’m all for staying calm. I love paint-by-numbers and when I was going through a bad phase of anxiety, I bought a paint-by-numbers kit and I really enjoyed it. 
But I just don’t get the adult colouring book thing. I think it’s so great that they’re so incredibly popular, it goes to show that we’re not alone in feeling the way we do. We all need a bit of calm, peace and mindfulness in our lives, and if adult colouring books work for you, then that’s really awesome – but I generally find colouring in (especially with pencils) pretty frustrating, I don’t find it therapeutic at all (I wish I did!).

The Passive Aggressive Adult Colouring Book

The Passive Aggressive Adult Colouring Book

Still, I wanted to see if this new trend would work for me in taking my mind off the problems that stress me out, I wanted to give it a chance since it has been so popular – but actually, once I got to the adult colouring book section at the book shop, I couldn’t bring myself to buy one. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to waste spend hours upon hours colouring in a tiger or multiple plants that I simple don’t care about.

The Passive Aggressive Adult Colouring Book
Then I came across The Passive Aggressive Colouring Book (For People Who Just Don’t Get The Whole Calm Thing) by Charlotte Farmer. After having a quick flick through, I found myself chuckling at what I was seeing because the illustrations are really funny and I couldn’t wait to I could relate to the pages.

The Passive Aggressive Adult Colouring Book
I asked for a copy for my birthday and have spent a few hours colouring in, eager to get it finished so that I can show and tell. The content is great, it’s fun and it has a sense of humour. However, just as I predicted, colouring in with pencils does my nut in. I’m being a bit moany-moany, but the pencil leds are too dense and I get hand cramp after half an hour! But I did enjoy adding colour to the pages digitally, which I did for the purpose of this blogpost. I do want to complete the pages so I might invest in some other pencils and see how I get on!

If you want an adult colouring book with a difference, I recommend The Passive Aggressive Colouring Book, it retails at £8.99 from Amazon, or currently it’s £6.74 from WH Smiths online.

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8 thoughts on “The Passive Aggressive Adult Colouring Book

  1. I can't bear to colour in with pencils either, it's much more fun with felt tips (sad, but true). Love this, looks like just what I'd actually need to cheer me up in the way of the hilarious illustrations rather than the colouring itself x

    Always, Alice

  2. This looks so amazing haha! So different from all the other colouring books, this post has definitely made me want to pick up one! x

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