If you’re looking an easy recipe for a quick sugar fix, why not try these edible raw cookie dough balls! I used the recipe featured in this month’s issue of BBC’s Good Food Magazine but I added sprinkles myself to make them ‘funfetti’ and  I thought I’d share how it all turned out.

I’m not the best at baking but I wouldn’t even class this as such as it doesn’t need to be baked or cooked. These edible raw cookie dough really simple and affordable to make, it takes 5-10 minutes depending on whether you’re using an electric whisk or you’re mixing by hand with a good old spoon. I don’t have any baking utensils so I just used a spoon, it was easy enough to do and as you can see, the cookie dough balls turned out alright!
Recipe For Edible Raw Funfetti Cookie Dough

Recipe For Edible Raw Funfetti Cookie Dough

I love cookie dough but it’s not as widely available here in the UK as it is in America, which is just as well because my waistline wouldn’t thank anyone for it! And whatever you can get your hands on (like the pack of chocolate coated cookie dough candy we got from the Pound Shop the other day!) is full of artificial flavourings and e-numbers. 
Now, these cookie dough balls are not, by any means, a healthier option, far from it – but at least you know what is it that you’re putting into your mouth. I mean, I’m not going to be whipping these up every week (my teeth would fall out) but they so make incredible nice treat to enjoy in moderation every once in a blue moon! And with Easter coming up, it will be fun to make these with the kids! The cookie dough made from this recipe is very delicious, addictive and moreish as you can imagine!
Funfetti Cookie Dough recipe
If you have a sweet tooth and in need of a sugar fix, this will surely satisfy your taste buds. This recipe from BBC’s Good Food Magazine makes 20 bite sized dough balls so there’s definitely enough to go around. 
You can use this recipe as a base and then flavour them with additional ingredients like nutella, nuts, marshmallows, coconut flakes, cinnamon, chocolate chips, dried fruit, whatever you like. But I’ve made them ‘funfetti’ which is plain with a handful of coloured sprinkles thrown in. 
Funfetti Cookie Dough recipe
Ingredients List
  • 100g of salted butter (room temperature)
  • 175g soft light brown sugar 
  • 140g plain flour
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 tsp full fat milk
  • A handful of sprinkles (I didn’t measure this out but I literally added a handful to the mix)
Funfetti Cookie Dough recipe
1. Firstly, make sure the butter is room temperature. Put the butter and the butter in to a mixing bowl and mix well.
2. Add the flour, vanilla extract and milk to the bowl and mix until the mixture thickens. It should start to resemble dough at this point. 
3. Finally, add the sprinkles at the end when the mixture is dry and doughy, otherwise the colour from the sprinkles might bleed out on areas that are wet. If you don’t fancy sprinkles, alternatively, you can add a handful of your favourite flavour – perhaps go for the classic chocolate chips. Maybe with Easter coming up, you can go for an Easter theme? Whatever you choose to add, make sure it’s chopped up in fine pieces before add it to the cookie dough. 
4. Then simply mould in to small balls and decorate the top as you wish. There’s no need to bake them.
You can, of course, leave it plain but I personally think it looks better with little something on top just so they don’t resemble roast potatoes! But that’s all aesthetics! As long as the final result tastes amazing (and they do taste AMAZING), that is all that matters, right?
Funfetti Cookie Dough recipe

If you want to go all fancy and coat them in chocolate, make sure you leave them for a few hours to harden the dough. Or chill them in the fridge for an hour. Store them in a container with a lid (if there are any left!).
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  1. omg these look so so good, will have to try them out! ive made some cookies recently and posted the recipe on my blog xx

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