When I first got in to brow products, it was when I started blogging about beauty. Before that, I did nothing to them other than pluck and keep them tidy. 
Looking back on old photos on Facebook, I can’t believe I didn’t use any brow products but then again, brows weren’t such a big deal back then… and we seem to be reminded of this with every Buzzfeed ’42 Things You’ll Understand If You Were A Teen in Early 2000’s’ articles. Oh, how brows have moved on since then!
I’m actually quite glad I didn’t waste spend that much time and effort on my brows during my teens and early 20’s, because it’s a time consuming part of my make-up routine and not to mention the absolute frustration when they don’t match! We must remember, of course, that our eyebrows are sisters, not twins. But it would be pretty darn nice if they could be twins, am I right?
hd brow kit, hd eyebrow palette

My Favourite Kit EVER For Natural Looking Brows

HD Brow Kit was the first brow kit I ever used which I got in my first Glossybox back in 2011. This was probably around the time I started dabbling in beauty blogging too, so I learned quick that brows were not only the biggest beauty trend at the time (and still is) but that it’s also important because they frame your face. And it’s absolutely true. My eyebrows have changed the way I look (in the sense that my face no longer looks like an egg).
I’ve been pretty loyal to it ever since. I’ve enjoyed trying other brow products but HD Brow Kit is THE ONE for me. I got it in Foxy to begin with, and then I got another in Vamp. Both works incredibly well with my hair and skin tone.

HD Brow palette

One Loyal Fan!

I have sparse eyebrows, they are very fair but when I first got my HD Brow Kit Palette, I whacked the black on and there you go, two slugs right there on my face. 
Eventually, I realised that that the heavy “scouse brow” was not for me, and I started to experiment with the other three shades in the palette and found that the medium brown (which I personally think it more of a dark grey) suited me the best. This shade gave me the best natural-looking eyebrows which were prominent enough to frame my face but not so heavy that they’re the first thing you look at. The powders also double up as an eyeshadow and the darkest shade (Carbon) is the BEST for smokey eyes. It’s really dark, pigmented and long-lasting. Winner!
I have tested other products including other palettes, crayons, pencils, adhesive fibres and even a brow putty – it goes to show how big this beauty trend is and how much choices we have now – but having said that, I always return to my trusty old HD Brow Palette. 

Hd brow kit, hd brow palette

HD Brow Palette Is My Bae

My one was getting old (very old) but I asked for a new one for my Birthday. It was nice to see that they have redesigned the pack and that it also comes with a setting wax and a highlighter too! 
The one negative thing I would point out is that for me, I LOVED the brush that my first one came with. It’s a tight, compact angled brush with has a flat surface and the way it has been made means it picks up a lot of products and that allows me to apply over my brows in one single stroke. I don’t know what I would do without this brush and haven’t found one like it.
The new brush (and the ones I’ve got in other brush kits) are tapered and too thin and flimsy. It doesn’t pick up a lot of powder and therefore I can’t apply it over my brows in one go. If anyone can recommend a good brow brush, give me a shout! 🙂
HD Eye & Brow Palette is available on LookFantastic for a very reasonable £25. They last for ages and ages!
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5 thoughts on “My All-Time Favourite Brow Kit. EVER.

  1. I remember getting the HD brows sample in the glossy box and loving it… I've graduated to a Mac pencil now that I do adore or Laura Mercier's brow kit, but I may have to revert back to that old faithful for a retrial

  2. I fell in love with exactly the same HD Brow Kit from the Glossybox, I can't believe that was so long ago now! I'm still not super confident when it comes to doing my brows but I love the colours and versatility of the HD brow kit and it does the job even with a much lighter hand like mine!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

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