Since the Lush haul from my birthday two weeks ago, I have fallen in love with bath bombs and bubble bars again! I’ve almost used up the products I got for my birthday so I’m off to buy some more Lush stuff this week!
I like to make a wishlist before I go in to the store so that I don’t get sidetracked or confused my senses from one scent to another. With this wishlist, I can go into Lush and know exactly what everything is and what it’s made from, and pick from the selection that I’ve made. It’s the only way to prevent the potential damage to my bank balance!
LUSH Easter Collection For 2016
I am most excited about checking out the Easter collection at Lush (uhh, what? It’s almost Easter?!) which is as colourful as ever, but I am a bit disappointed to see that half of it is the same as last years. Not that last year’s Easter collection wasn’t awesome – it totally was, but I suppose I was expecting an EGGstravanza (ho ho). 
Here I have compiled some of the newest things from LUSH and I assume that these are limited edition and will only be in stock over the Easter season.
1. Good Egg Gift Set, £26.95
This is a really cute gift set for Easter! It contains 6 items in the Humpty Dumpty shaped box for £26.95. In the box, you get 3 bath bombs, 1 bath melt, and 2 large bubble bars. If you can’t decide which bath product to buy, I’d go for this! (And I think I just might!).
2. Bunch Of Carrots Bubble Bars, £6.25
For the past few years, these carrots have been orange (of course!) but I’m glad to see they’ve mixed things up a bit. The citrus scented bunch of carrots this year come in funky shades of pink to make your bath water nice and bright. 
3. Humpty Dumpty Bath Bomb, £6.95
Another one that’s made with orange/lemon oils, Humpty Dumpty bath bomb is one of those that you can use up to three times by splitting it in half, and revealing the mini fried egg bath bomb that’s hidden inside.
4. Bouncy Bunny Shower Jelly, £3.95
Not the cutest looking bunny but if showers are your thing, then check out the Bouncy Bunny Shower Jelly. It is (another) orange scented product to invigorate the skin and help you feel more awake. 
5. Somewhere Over The Rainbow, £4.25
They had this in the Easter collection last year but I’ve got a feeling that it might be a slightly different formula or aesthetic design? Something about it looks different. It is, as you’ve guessed, an orange and lemon scent – with a blend of Turkish rose to sweeten things up.
6. Funky Bunny Gift Set, £14.95
This is a new addition and an alternative to the Bouncy Bunny gift set. Funky Bunny contains 3 bars of Fun (soft soap) and a tub of Bouncy Bunny Shower Jelly. This one is probably more for the kids. Personally, I prefer the Bouncy Bunny (£18.95) which has a bath bomb, a bubble bar, a bar of soap and the shower jelly.
7. Ultra Violet Bubble Bar, £4.95
I think Ultra Violet Bubble Bar might be part of the permanent collection? I love this chunky bubble bars which I split in to thirds or quarters. If you’re not a fan of the citrus scent, you’ll be happy to know that Ultra Violet Bubble Bar is floral and slightly woody. 
8. Carrot Gift Set, £19.95
This adorable carrot shaped gift set contains 3 bath bombs (including the ever popular, The Experimenter – which I haven’t got round to using yet because it’s too pretty!) and a bunch of carrots. 
9. Golden Egg Bath Melt, £3.95
It’s back! the sweet, caramel, toffee scented Golden Egg is a very gold, very shimmery bath melt that guarantees you seeing flecks of glitter everywhere for the rest of the month! It might be a good one to use if you have dry skin though, as the Golden Egg has olive oil and shea butter in it. 
10. Rainbow Gift Set, £11.95
In this gift set, you get one Ultra Violet bubble bar and a bar of Somewhere Over The Rainbow Soap. It would only cost you £9.20 if you bought both of these items separately. It does look pretty – and it does make a lovely gift for someone, but I’d prefer to spend that extra couple of pounds towards another bath bomb. 
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2 thoughts on “LUSH Easter Collection For 2016

  1. Omg is it really true? That would make my life if the ultraviolet bubble bar is to be added to the permanent line! It's so pretty!

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